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One-Roll Engine Bundle rolls again

One-Roll Engine Bundle rolls again

Tuesday 6 January 2015

The One-Roll Engine Bundle includes the essential GODLIKE supplement Will to Power.In early January 2015 we revived our August 2014 One-Roll Engine Bundle featuring a startlingly diverse range of superheroic tabletop roleplaying games and campaign settings that use the slick One-Roll Engine by Dennis (Delta Green) Detwiller and Greg (Unknown Armies) Stolze, published by Arc Dream Publishing. Our starter collection (retail value $60) included three games as DRM-free, non-watermarked .PDF ebooks:

  • Better Angels (retail price $20): You play a supervillain possessed by a demon that provides your superpowers — and you also play the demon tempting another player at the table. Do too much evil and the demon takes control. Don’t do enough, and the demon can punish you.
  • GODLIKE Revised Edition (retail $20): In the Second World War, superpowered Talents fight for both the Allies and the Axis. No bright spandex or pulp machismo here — just the toll of warfare and heroism.
  • Wild Talents 2nd Edition (retail $20): The complete 384-page rulebook for One-Roll Engine superheroics in any time and setting, plus gear, archetypes, powers, and an expanded history of GODLIKE‘s World Gone Mad.

Customers who paid more than the threshold price got our complete collection of six bonus titles (retail value $89):The One-Roll Engine Bundle includes the REIGN Enchiridion

  • Black Devils Brigade (retail $20): Allan Goodall’s massive campaign for GODLIKE about the Allied invasion of Italy.
  • eCollapse (retail $15): Greg Stolze’s Wild Talents setting about a future where superpowers are made by the lowest bidder.
  • Grim War (retail $18): Greg Stolze and Kenneth Hite introduce spirit-summoning magic that grants fantastic power — if the caster is willing to pay the price.
  • REIGN: Enchiridion (retail $10): A concise summary of Greg Stolze’s fantasy version of the ORE rules.
  • This Favored Land (retail $20): Allan Goodall’s guide to the Gifted in the US Civil War.
  • Will to Power (retail $10): The essential GODLIKE supplement about the Nazi Parahuman Program in World War II.