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MegaTraveller – adventure in the Shattered Imperium

MegaTraveller – adventure in the Shattered Imperium

Thursday 26 March 2015

MegaTraveller-CoreSet1-PlayersManualIn late March 2015 our MegaTraveller Bundle brought you GDW’s 1987 space-opera tabletop roleplaying game of adventure in the Shattered Imperium — designer Marc W. Miller‘s follow-up to his pioneering 1977 SFRPG Traveller.

After a thousand-year reign, the interstellar Imperium, pushed by continued expansion and internal pressures, was strained to the limit. Across ten thousand worlds, the only unifying force was the person of the Emperor. Now the Emperor is dead. His assassin claims the throne by an obscure and obsolete right. His nephew claims to be the Emperor’s rightful successor. The Moot demands a say in naming a new emperor. The Solomani demand independence. The Vargr have invaded Corridor. Aslan ihatei are nibbling at a few distant subsectors.

And the Imperium is crumbling. No sector is free from raiding or outright warfare. Antares Sector has seceded and joined the Julian Protectorate. Vland has declared a Restored Vlilani Empire. A widespread Rebellion has reached even to the Spinward Marches. It’s up to you to bring peace and rebuild.

MegaTraveller-AstrogatorsGuideToDiasporaOur Player’s Collection (US$5.95, retail value $40) included the complete MegaTraveller rules in three books, along with the line’s most highly praised supplement, the Rebellion Sourcebook, all as DRM-free, non-watermarked .PDF ebooks.

Customers who paid more than the current threshold price received all five supplements in our Referee’s Collection (retail value $50), including the Referee’s Companion and several titles by Nebula-nominated science fiction novelist Charles E. Gannon. And after launch we added the adventures Assignment: Vigilante and Knightfall. It’s everything you need for your own space-opera campaign of war and rebuilding across the Shattered Imperium.