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Castles & Crusades – Old School, new rules

Castles & Crusades – Old School, new rules

Monday 22 February 2016
CastlesAndCrusades-PlayersHandbook-6thPrintingIn February 2016 we presented the Castles & Crusades Bundle featuring the old-school-new-rules tabletop fantasy roleplaying game from Troll Lord Games, Castles & Crusades. Capture an authentic Old School feel with C&C‘s easy-to-run, low-prep SIEGE Engine rules. It’s fast, versatile, exciting to play, and a dream to run.

Stephen Chenault and his brother Davis co-founded Troll Lord Games with Mac Golden in 1999. After designing many supplements and adventures in the D20 boom, they published Castles & Crusades in 2004. They served as Gary Gygax’s primary publisher in the last years of his life, publishing Lejendary Adventure, Gygaxian Fantasy Worlds, and other book lines. In addition to C&C, Troll Lord publishes the Amazing Adventures line, as well as adventures for D&D 5e.

CastlesAndCrusades-ClassicMonstersCastles & Crusades is basically a top-notch homebrew D&D variant writ large, with a modern approach to the Old School aesthetic. It has all the AD&D classes and stats and saving throws; in fact, it’s easy to convert Gygax-era TSR modules to C&C on the fly, in realtime right at your gaming table. But C&C is no retroclone; its SIEGE Engine uses a single unified task-resolution mechanic for nearly everything. It’s effortless to house-rule, and to adjudicate almost any situation on the spot. C&C fans talk with admiration about how the rules “just get out of the way.” If anything, it’s a retroclone of a hypothetical “AD&D 2.5″ — a loving and skillful streamlining of AD&D 2e.

CastlesAndCrusades-RuneLoreThis bargain-priced collection provided everything you need for a complete Castles & Crusades campaign. Our Player’s Collection included four titles (retail value $47) as DRM-free .PDF ebooks:
  • Players Handbook 6th Printing (retail price $20): The complete full-color rulebook with the adaptable, rules-light SIEGE Engine system.
  • Rune Lore (retail $20): Three schools of runic magic, 40 new spells, the Rune Mark character class, and a lengthy guide to the Gottland campaign setting.
  • Arms & Armor (retail $7): A huge range of weapons and armor from Europe’s early medieval period, all with complete C&C stats.
  • After Winter’s Dark – A World of Aihrde Primer (retail $10): An updated 96-page extract from the Codex of Aihrde campaign sourcebook. This primer debuted in this offer.
CastlesAndCrusades-CastleKeepersGuideThose who paid¬† more than the threshold (average) price also got our entire Castle Keeper’s Collection with five more titles (retail value $73):
  • Castle Keepers Guide (retail $35): The massive, indispensable 352-page gamemastering resource.
  • Classic Monsters (retail $20): C&C stats and writeups adapted from fantasy roleplaying’s earliest sources, like Monster Manual II and the Fiend Folio.
  • Engineering Dungeons (retail $7) and Engineering Castles (retail $7): Two fun and comprehensive collections of tables that let you generate complete random labyrinths and structures.
  • A Lion in the Ropes (retail $4): One of the earliest and best-regarded D20 adventures, updated for the C&C rules. (1-4 characters, levels 4-8)
CastlesAndCrusades-EngineeringDungeonsThat’s a total retail value of US$130, a veritable dragon’s hoard for a halfling’s price. Ten percent of each purchase (after gateway fees) went to this offer’s designated charity, Heifer International.