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EXALTED 1E – White Wolf’s mythic fantasy Storyteller game

EXALTED 1E – White Wolf’s mythic fantasy Storyteller game

by Monday 6 June 2016
Exalted-1E-CorebookIn June 2016 we presented two Exalted First Edition offers. Exalted is White Wolf Game Studio’s mythic high fantasy Storyteller RPG about the Chosen of the Gods at the end of the Second Age of Man, a time of reborn god-kings, failing empires, and savage adventure. Our grandiloquently titled Exalted 1E Glorious Core Bundle presented the Exalted First Edition rulebook (2001) and the essential supplements needed to play a game featuring the Solar Exalted and their endeavors across the Threshold of Creation. The companion Exalted 1E Irresistible Setting Bundle presented additional supplements describing the world of Creation.

Exalted-1E-GamesOfDivinityBefore the world was bent, before the heroes passed and the gods faded, there was a time of myth, sorcery, and savage adventure. The servants of the gods, the Exalted, waged war against a host of enemies. Their victories were legendary, from the Bull of the North’s conquest of the Tepet legions to the pirate raids of the fearsome Infernal Exalt Lintha Ng Hut Dukantha, priest-king of the Lintha pirate family. The Exalted overthrew the enemies of the gods and were rewarded with rulership of Creation.

But the death-curse of their defeated foes twisted the Exalted’s hearts. The greatest Exalts, the Chosen of the Sun, went mad, and their footsoldiers and servants, the elementally empowered Dragon-Blooded, rose up to slay them. The great society they built — the First Age with its fantastic Solar magic — sickened and died.

Exalted-1E-KingdomOfHaltaThousands of years later, the Dragon-Blooded rule all Creation in an Age of Sorrows. But now their Scarlet Empress has vanished, and their Great Houses have fallen to infighting. In this moment the power of Solar Exaltation returns to Exalt new Chosen, and reborn Solars arise to challenge the Dragon-Blooded’s hegemony over Creation.

One of White Wolf’s bestselling Storyteller RPGs, Exalted presents a high-powered, high-action, mythic fantasy setting in order to examine power and its uses. Exaltation confers might but not wisdom. Both the ruling Dragon-Blooded and newly reborn Solars have great motivation to seize power. Will the returning Solars save the world, or destroy it? What legends will they tell of your deeds?

Offer 1: Exalted 1E Glorious Core Bundle

Exalted-1E-PlayersGuideThose new to Exalted started with this Glorious Core collection (total retail value US$117.50) featuring the 2001 First Edition rulebook and the supplements essential for a Solar Exalted campaign. We presented three titles in this offer’s Heroism-Encouraging Player’s Collection (retail value $47) as DRM-free .PDF ebooks:
  • Exalted First Edition (retail price $18): The 352-page rulebook from White Wolf Game Studio that started it all in 2001.
  • Exalted Players Guide (retail $18): Featuring the Exalted Power Combat rules update, mass combat, new martial arts, and new playable character types.
  • The Book of 3 Circles (retail $11): The original Exalted book of spells, tomes, artifacts, and warstriders.
Exalted-1E-DragonBlooded-1ECustomers who paid more than the threshold (average) price gained experience and also got this offer’s entire Wise-Eyed Storyteller’s Collection with seven more titles (retail value $70.50):
  • Exalted: The Dragon-Blooded 1E (retail $18): The Terrestrial Exalted and their home, the Realm. Terrestrials are both playable characters and the chief antagonists for young Solars.
  • Exalted Storyteller’s Companion (retail $9.50): More info on Terrestrial, Lunar, Sidereal, and Abyssal Exalted, as well as spirit powers and artifacts.
  • Games of Divinity (retail $10): Details on gods, elementals, demons, and Creation’s Heaven and Hell.
  • Scavenger Sons (retail $9): The best overview of Creation, plus an appendix on the Fair Folk.
  • Creatures of the Wyld (retail $12): Beasts! Monsters! Behemoths!
  • Savage Seas (retail $10): Sailing and navigation, naval battles, boarding actions, and aquatic spirits and beasts.
  • The Making of Exalted (retail $2): A behind-the-scenes artbook with interviews, background, and lots of illustrations.

Offer 2: Exalted 1E Irresistible Setting Bundle

Exalted-1E-OutcasteOur Irresistible Setting offer brought a plethora of supplements (total retail value $115) detailing the Exalted setting of Creation, its Five Directions, the nations, syndicates, and dynasties that control it — and the heroes who seek to topple them. The setting material in these books works well with any edition of Exalted. There were five supplements in this offer’s Eight Directions Starter Collection (retail value $55):
  • The Outcaste (retail price $14): Alternate origins for Dragon-Blooded not born of the Scarlet Dynasty — Lookshy and its armories, the inscrutable Forest Witches, the pirate fleets of Eos and Ossissa, and the Lost Eggs adopted into the Realm.
  • Bastions of the North (retail $15): The great nations of Creation’s frozen realm.
  • Cult of the Illuminated (retail $14): The hidden followers who shelter and train young Solars and the Wyld Hunt that persecutes them.
  • Kingdom of Halta (retail $12): The Eastern tree-dwelling nation of Halta and its history.
  • The Tomb of Five Corners (free): A short adventure to introduce the rules and setting to new players.
Exalted-1E-ManacleAndCoinThose who paid more than the threshold price also got this offer’s entire All-Encompassing Savant’s Bonus Collection with five more supplements (retail value $60):
  • Manacle & Coin (retail $12): Finance in Creation and the workings of the drug- and slave-peddling Guild.
  • Blood and Salt (retail $12): The Realm-conquered kingdom of An-Teng, the demon-blooded Lintha pirate family, and monsters and magic of the Southeast.
  • Houses of the Bull God (retail $13): The nation of Harborhead; its Five Peoples; its patron Ahlat, Southern God of War and Cattle; and the Court of Orderly Flame that seeks to reform the corrupt spirit politics of the South.
  • Ruins of Rathess (retail $10): The ruins of Creation’s first capital, home of the fallen saurian Dragon Kings who once shepherded humanity.
  • Time of Tumult (retail $13): Four adventures across Creation and into the Machine God’s realm of Autochthonia. The final scenario introduces the Alchemical Exalted, strange clay-and-metal invaders from another world.
Ten percent of each payment (after gateway fees) went to the designated charity for both these offers, Doctors Without Borders.