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Crowdfunding by Bundle contributors – Aug 2017

Crowdfunding by Bundle contributors – Aug 2017

Saturday 12 August 2017
Research librarian Jess Nevins has started a Patreon campaign to fund his marvelous weekly essays on the obscure corners of history and 19th- and 20th-Century pop culture. If you’ve enjoyed his Encyclopedias of Fantastic Victoriana or Pulp Heroes, his io9 series of articles on the speculative “Victorian Hugos,” or his massive Spirit of the Century RPG supplement Strange Tales of the Century (in our April 2014 Spirit of the Century offer), consider supporting this worthy work. Plus, if you pledge at the $10/month level, Jess will become your personal researcher! “Need help doing research? I’ll do it for you! I’m a professional reference librarian — answering questions is what I do for a living — and I have access to a wide array of resources that can answer a variety of questions.”

Did you get Kevin Crawford‘s Old School SFRPG Stars Without Number in our October 2013 SWN Bundle or its July 2014 revival? Last week Kevin’s Kickstarter for a revised edition of Stars Without Number passed US$100,000. He hit all his stretch goals on Day 1, including the last, characteristically prudent goal: “At $50,000, I will be extremely grateful to you all and have the wisdom to refrain from offering further stretch goals. I am but one man. I’ve completed every Kickstarter I’ve ever launched on-time or early, chiefly because I’ve known when to stop promising and when to start working.” The campaign runs through August 31.

We presented Kenneth Hite’s nonfiction treatise Tour de Lovecraft: The Tales waaay back in our August 2013 Bundle of Holding +5. Now Ken and Atomic Overmind are Kickstarting a new sequel volume, Tour de Lovecraft: The Destinations. In the manner of The Tales, the new book perceptively explores HP Lovecraft’s settings and the hidden routes connecting his stories. The Tour de Lovecraft Kickstarter ends August 28.

Fans of our two King Arthur Pendragon Bundles, take note: Less than two weeks remain to pledge for Paladin: Warriors of Charlemagne. Paladin adapts the Pendragon rules to historical Carolingian events and the medieval epics of The Matter of France. In Paladin the players play young Frankish squires or knights in the service of one of Charlemagne’s powerful vassals. By going on adventures they acquire glory and riches, become lords of their own lands, build castles, and found their own family. The road to fame leads to the ultimate goal: becoming one of the legendary paladins themselves, along the likes of Roland, Ogier the Dane, Renaud, Oliver, William Shortnose, and others. The Paladin campaign ends August 25.