Ponyfinder – gaming is magic – through Mon 06 Aug

Through Monday, August 6 we present the Ponyfinder Bundle, featuring Ponykind campaigning for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition and Pathfinder. In this campaign setting from Silver Games, it’s not just friendship that’s magic. Ponyfinder‘s unicorns, pegasi, Gem and Sun ponies,

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ArM5 returns + all-new Mythic Europe – through Mon 30 July

Through Monday, July 30 we present two offers featuring Ars Magica Fifth Edition, the landmark historical fantasy RPG from Atlas Games. First, we’re reviving, for an unprecedented fourth time, our original August 2014 Ars Magica 5 Bundle with the core

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Colonial Gothic – 2018 resurrection

In July 2018 we once again marked America’s Independence Day holiday by resurrecting our July 2017 Colonial Gothic Bundle, featuring the supernatural flintlock-horror RPG from Rogue Games. In Colonial Gothic you uncover the secret history of America’s 18th-Century frontier, where

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