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Victoriana (May 2015)

Victoriana (May 2015)

Wednesday 30 March 2022
The Victoriana Third Edition rulebook is in the Victoriana Bundle offerIn March 2022 we resurrected (for a second time) the May 2015 Victoriana Bundle, featuring the 2013 Third Edition of Victoriana, the Cubicle 7 Entertainment FRPG of Victorian steampunk engineering and gothic fantasy. Victoriana 3E takes place in a fantastic alternate world of 1856, where Eldren magicians walk the streets with Dwarf engineers, and wyverns fly alongside airships. Spiritualists contact the spirits of the dead, while angels war in Heaven. Aetheric energies fuel monstrous engines, and ancient mysteries lie buried beneath concrete and steel. Explorers map the globe, uncovering ancient secrets often best left forgotten. The old ways of magic and tradition are losing ground to science, revolution, and the cloying smoke of industrialization. Navigating this dangerous world, you solve mysteries, make social connections, and confront horrors, while uncovering conspiracies in the shadows. Whether you fight them or join them is up to you.

This 2013 edition of Victoriana uses a system called the Heresy Engine. In a test, you roll a number of D6s equal to your Attribute + Skill. Every 1 and every 6 is a success, with a roll of 6 allowing an additional die to be rolled. An average test requires two successes. Black Dice represent adverse or difficult circumstances. These are rolled as part of the dice pool, but for every 1 or 6 rolled on a Black Die, a regular success is negated.

Marvels of Science and Steampunk is part of the Victoriana BundleThis revived lineup once again presented the 2013 Third Edition Victoriana core rulebook, location and character sourcebooks, a bestiary of the bizarre monsters and vile villains that haunt the Big Smoke, and adventures filled with macabre mysteries. There were four titles in this revived offer’s Player Collection (retail value $53) as DRM-free .PDF ebooks, including the complete Victoriana Third Edition core rulebook, the equipment book Marvels of Science and Steampunk, and two Darwin’s Catalogue installments: The Outsiders and Beastmen of Britain.

Those who paid more than the threshold (average) price also got this revival’s entire Gamemaster Collection with six more titles worth an additional $89, including the occult sourcebook Liber Magica, the location sourcebooks The Smoke (London) and Jewel of the Empire (India), and three adventures: The Havering Adventures, the campaign Streets of Shadow, and The Devil in the Dark.

Ten percent of each payment (after gateway fees) for this Victoriana offer was donated to the charity chosen by Dominic McDowall of Cubicle 7 Entertainment, the Children’s Health Foundation in Dublin, Ireland. Children’s Health Foundation raises vital funds to support sick children and their families and fund life-saving equipment.