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Zobeck 5E

In July 2021 we presented the all-new Zobeck 5E Bundle, featuring D&D Fifth Edition sourcebooks and adventures from Kobold Press. Though easily transportable to any FRPG setting, these supplements are set in the Kobold campaign world of Midgard, a land

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Goodman 5E Fantasy

In August 2020 we presented the Goodman 5E Fantasy Bundle, featuring the complete Fifth Edition Fantasy line of Dungeons & Dragons 5E adventures from Goodman Games. Through the Open Gaming License, Goodman Games has continuously supported D&D through every edition

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Ponyfinder – gaming is magic

In July 2018 we presented the Ponyfinder Bundle, featuring Ponykind campaigning for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition and Pathfinder. In this campaign setting from Silver Games, it’s not just friendship that’s magic. Ponyfinder‘s unicorns, pegasi, Gem and Sun ponies, zebras,

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