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Stewart Wieck 1968-2017

Condolences to the family of Stewart Wieck, founder of King Arthur Pendragon publisher Nocturnal Media, co-founder of White Wolf Game Studio, and original designer of Mage: The Ascension. Stewart died, age 49, Thursday night, 22 June, 2017. A true willworker

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King Arthur Pendragon – TWO offers

In June 2017 we presented two offers featuring Greg Stafford’s masterful game of glory and chivalry in Arthurian Britain, King Arthur Pendragon. First, we resurrected (for a second time) the original June 2014 King Arthur Pendragon Bundle, with the core rulebook

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King Arthur Pendragon Bundle – more glorious than ever

In December 2014 we revived our King Arthur Pendragon Bundle from the misty past of June 2014 — and it was more glorious than ever. King Arthur Pendragon is one of the most honored and respected RPGs ever published. The

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