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The Indie Initiative

The Indie Initiative

Thursday 11 December 2014

TROLLBABE by Ron Edwards is part of the Indie Initiative offer at the Bundle of HoldingIn December 2014 the fellowship of Groundbreakers has resurrected our July 2014 Indie Initiative, a landmark collection of indie games that helped reshape the tabletop roleplaying hobby. For over a decade these legendary RPGs have been showing us new ways to play. And these RPGs are still actively played today, because they’re still big, big fun.

Our starter collection included DRM-free .PDF ebooks of four games (retail value $49):

  • Emily Care Boss, Breaking the Ice (retail $9): First of Emily’s rom-com trilogy “Three Games About the Human Heart.”
  • Ron Edwards, Trollbabe (retail $15): The Sorcerer designer’s influential pop-culture tribute to 1970s underground comix.
  • Clinton R. Nixon, The Shadow of Yesterday (retail $15): Pulpy post-apocalyptic romantic sword-and-sorcery fantasy.
  • Jared A. Sorensen, octaNe (retail $10): A rollercoaster ride through post-modern psychotronic trash-culture America.

Those who paid more than the threshold price (starting at $18.95) got our entire collection of eight bonus games (retail value $71):MY LIFE WITH MASTER is part of the Indie Initiative offer at the Bundle of Holding

  • Vincent Baker, Dogs in the Vineyard (retail $15): God’s Watchdogs keeping small towns pure on the Old West frontier.
  • Paul Czege, My Life With Master (retail $10): In service to an insane Master, you’re plagued by weariness, self-loathing, and unrequited love.
  • Ron Edwards, Sorcerer (retail $25): The new annotated version (also seen in our earlier Indie Treasure Trove) of the pioneering game of demon-driven ambition.
  • Ralph Mazza, Universalis (retail $10): One of the first modern GM-less games, vastly influential and hugely fun.
  • James Wallis, The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen (retail $11): Tall-tale telling as taught by the Baron himself. This edition features the Baron’s own marginalia!
  • Jared Sorensen, InSpectres (retail $10): Franchise-based occult extermination by the designer of octaNe. Who ya gonna call?
  • Ben Lehman, Polaris (retail $10): Chivalry and tragedy in the uttermost North. Includes the 23-page mini-supplement “The Wish We Wish to Night.”
  • John Scott Tynes, Puppetland (retail $5): A storytelling game with strings in a world of grim make-believe.