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Numenera returns

Numenera returns

Tuesday 23 December 2014

In late December 2014 the Order of Truth’s Aeon Priests revived our May 2014 Numenera Bundle, a comprehensive collection featuring the spectacular science-fantasy tabletop RPG by Monte Cook. This collection of DRM-free .PDFs provided everything you need to discover the artifacts, cyphers, and oddities of the far future.

Numenera is set in the Ninth World, a land far in the future that’s scattered with the remnants of eight previous civilizations — in a word, “Numenera.” Character creation is quick and play is smooth and intuitive, always keeping the story in the foreground. Numenera was launched over Kickstarter, where it set a record for funds raised by a tabletop RPG. And the success didn’t stop there. Earlier this month, Monte Cook Games finished a second Kickstarter that funded an exclusive boxed set. Not to mention, inXile entertainment is developing a Numenera video game, also Kickstarter-backed.

This offer’s starter collection included three titles (retail value $25):

  • Numenera rulebook ($20): Set in the Ninth World a billion years hence, the Numenera RPG is about discovering the wonders of the worlds that came before as the means to improve the present and build a future.
  • GM Screen ($2): A .PDF with Numenera artwork and helpful tables, meant to be printed and slipped into the pockets of a generic double-sided landscape screen.
  • Cypher Collection 1 ($3): Fifty new one-use bits of lost tech to empower your characters and add fun to your stories.

And those who paid more than the threshold price (starting at $18.95) got our complete collection of bonus titles (retail $45):

  • Player’s Guide ($8): The character creation rules and basic mechanics from the Numenera corebook. Get a taste of the game, keep an extra rules reference on hand at the gaming table, or hand it to new players.
  • Ninth World Bestiary ($15): More than 130 lavishly illustrated and wildly imaginative creatures and characters in the Ninth World.
  • The Devil’s Spine ($10): Three adventures in a hard-driving frame story. The terrifying devil’s spine graft will claim a life, and the clock is ticking.
  • Vortex ($6): The original Gen Con 2013 Numenera launch scenario by Monte Cook — an ideal campaign kickoff in a mysterious temple like nothing the Ninth World has ever seen.
  • In Strange Aeons ($3): Monte Cook shows how to incorporate cosmic horror — the terror of unfathomable reaches of both space and time, and of incomprehensible weirdness — into your Numenera games.
  • Artifacts and Oddities Collection 1 ($3): This companion to the Cypher collection presents another 30 new devices and a hundred oddball phenomena to spice up your game.