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Eclipse Phase Bundle resleeved

Eclipse Phase Bundle resleeved

Monday 29 December 2014

The Eclipse Phase Bundle returns through January 7In late December 2014 we revived our June 2014 Eclipse Phase Bundle, a comprehensive tabletop RPG collection from Posthuman Studios that gives you everything you need to start an Eclipse Phase campaign of transhumanist science fiction, conspiracy, and post-apocalypse horror. Our starter collection (retail value $40) included four titles as DRM-free, non-watermarked .PDF ebooks:

  • Eclipse Phase (retail price $20): Join the secret organization Firewall to defend transhumanity from terrorists, nanoswarms, rogue AIs, and more.
  • NPC File Volume 1 – Prime (retail $5): Over 30 original characters with descriptions and full stats, ready for any campaign.
  • Sunward – The Inner System (retail $15): The inner worlds of the Solar System, from the Solarians who dive into the Sun’s corona to an upswelling of Barsoomian patriotism on Mars.
  • Eclipse Phase Sample Characters (free): As a convenience to our customers, we include this gorgeous collection of 16 characters from the rulebook, reformatted for 8×10″ cardstock.

Customers who paid more than the threshold price got our complete collection of four bonus titles (retail value $40):Transhuman is part of the Eclipse Phase Bundle of Holding

  • Transhuman (retail $15): This essential player’s guide includes a random lifepath generator, expanded rules for infomorphs and flexbots, and over 30 new morphs ready to be sleeved.
  • Panopticon (retail $15): How to live in a “transparent” society; the inner workings of space habitats and how to hack them; and new gear, rules, and morphs for uplifted characters.
  • Continuity (retail $5): A one-shot scenario or a campaign kickoff. You awaken in a new morph with two weeks of your life missing, and only limited time to deal with a looming threat.
  • The Devotees (retail $5): Pit your Firewall team against Nine Lives, the most ruthless syndicate of soul thieves in the system.