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The Bundle of Laughs – fun and funny RPGs

The Bundle of Laughs – fun and funny RPGs

Wednesday 1 April 2015

Murphy's World is in the Bundle of LaughsNo fooling! On April Fool’s Day 2014 we launched our Bundle of Laughs, a real, actual collection of actually funny tabletop RPGs. Our Starter Collection included these four games as complete, DRM-free, non-watermarked .PDF ebooks:

  • Murphy’s World (Peregrine, retail price $10): The planet where everything goes wrong and consensus is the only reality.
  • Critical! Go Westerly (Firestorm Ink, retail $5): A fast fantasy romp where the jokes you make at the table can further the plot, and your best way forward is bribing the Bartender.
  • Diana: Warrior Princess (Marcus L. Rowland, retail $5): Revisit the misty, fractured legends of the long-lost 20th Century, where JFK meets Queen Victoria, Zulu hordes swarm across Vietnam, and sorcerers co-exist with stealth bombers.
  • Elfs (Adept Press, retail $5): A spanky game of rude little elves — sorry, “elfs” — from Ron Edwards, designer of Sorcerer, Trollbabe, and Circle of Hands.

The new full-color edition of Kobolds Ate My Baby - All hail King Torg!Customers who paid more than the threshold price also received all four games in our Bonus Collection (retail value $49):

  • Kobolds Ate My Baby (9th Level Games, retail $13): The current full-color edition of the classic beer-and-pretzels RPG of little runts in service to Torg. (All hail King Torg!).
  • Low Life: The Rise of the Lowly – ReDredged (Mutha Oith Creations, retail $20): Gazillions of years in the future, the vaunted Hoomanrace is extinct, and Oith is now a bold world for bold peeps where life is relatively inexpensive. Low Life is a setting for Pinnacle’s Savage Worlds; we include the SW Test Drive quick-start rules.
  • Bob, Lord of Evil (Peregrine, retail $10): A companion game to Murphy’s World set in the Dark Land of Tir Nan Bob, ruled by — well, guess.
  • Demon Hunters (Dead Gentlemen Productions, retail $10): The Brotherhood of the Celestial Torch righteously smacks down demonically possessed pro wrestlers, savage were-aardvarks, and syphilitic Eurochic vampires.
  • Land of Og (Wingnut Games, retail $6): The 2001 2nd Edition of Aldo Ghiozzi’s RPG about cavemen and dinosaurs in a world of limited words.