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Champions Universe – our third superheroic collection

Champions Universe – our third superheroic collection

Thursday 16 April 2015

The complete Hero System Fifth Edition Revised rulebook is part of the Champions Universe BundleIn April 2015 our Champions Universe Bundle presented a super-sized collection of four-color campaign books from Hero Games, plus the gigantic Hero System 5th Revised Edition (“FRED”) RPG. This, our third Hero offer, duplicated only three books from past collections.

Our Player’s Collection included six books (retail value $73):

  • Hero System 5th Edition Revised rulebook (retail price $17): The unmatchably comprehensive 569-page compendium of the 5th Edition rules. (Also in our September 2014 offer.)
  • Champions: Superpowered Roleplaying (retail $22): The 5th Edition version of the comprehensive superheroic genre sourcebook written by the late Aaron Allston.
  • UNTIL Superpowers Database I (retail $9) and UNTIL Superpowers Database II (retail $10): Two huge collections with hundreds of custom-designed powers.
  • Gadgets and Gear (retail $9.50): The hardware equivalent of the Superpowers books, with thousands of superheroic (and -villainous) weapons, vehicles, and gizmos.
  • Hero System Resource Kit (retail $5): A handy collection of charts and maps. (Also in both previous Hero offers.)

Hidden Lands is a bonus supplement in the Champions Universe BundleCustomers who paid more than the threshold price also got our entire Gamemaster’s Collection with these bonus supplements (retail value $67):

  • Champions Universe for 5th edition (retail $9): One of the most thorough and wide-ranging campaign settings for any superhero RPG. (Also in our September 2014 offer.)
  • Evil Unleashed (retail $8.50): A compendium of nearly 100 villains scattered across many Champions supplements.
  • Cops, Crews, and Cabals (retail $12): One of the neglected gems of the Champions line, a book of mid-range organizations both friendly and hostile.
  • UNTIL: Defenders of Freedom (retail $9.50): The United Nations super-agents who shield humanity from the superheroic world.
  • Champions Worldwide (retail $9.50): The heroes and villains your characters might meet outside America.
  • Hidden Lands (retail $9.50): Atlantis, Arcadia, Shamballah, Beast Mountain, and other lands of mystery in the Champions Universe.
  • Cardboard Characters (retail $9): Three sheets of heroes and villains you can print onto cardstock to use as miniatures.