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Victoriana Bundle – steampunk fantasy

Victoriana Bundle – steampunk fantasy

Monday 4 May 2015

The Victoriana Third Edition rulebook is in the Victoriana Bundle offerIn May 2015 we presented the Victoriana Bundle, featuring the Cubicle 7 Entertainment RPG of high adventure in an alternate Victorian age of sorcery and steam. In Victoriana, Eldren magicians walk the streets with Dwarf engineers, and wyverns fly alongside airships. Spiritualists contact the spirits of the dead, while angels war in Heaven. Aetheric energies fuel monstrous engines, and ancient mysteries lie buried beneath concrete and steel.

The year is 1856. The Crimean War is in full swing, with Russian magicians proving that, whilst waning, the age of magic is not yet over. India suffers under corporate rule. A fractured America teeters on the edge of civil war. Explorers map the globe, uncovering ancient secrets often best left forgotten. Empires expand and many parts of the map are still marked ‘unknown.’ It is a world in need of adventurers.

Originally published by Heresy Gaming in 1992, Victoriana was one of the first steampunk RPGs. Designed by John Tuckey, the 1st Edition used the Fuzion rules. Cubicle 7 released Victoriana 2nd Edition in 2007 with a new custom system, the “Heresy Engine.” The 3rd Edition featured in this offer, published in 2013, updates and streamlines the Heresy Engine. In a test, you roll a number of D6s equal to your Attribute + Skill. Every 1 and every 6 is a success, with a roll of 6 allowing an additional die to be rolled. An average test requires two successes. Black Dice represent adverse or difficult circumstances. These are rolled as part of the dice pool, but for every 1 or 6 rolled on a Black Die, a regular success is negated.

In addition to recent supplements like Liber Magica and Streets of Shadow, this collection also included a range of 2nd Edition supplements that work well with the 3rd Edition rules.

Marvels of Science and Steampunk is part of the Victoriana BundleOur Player’s Collection included five titles (retail value $53) as DRM-free .PDF ebooks:

  • Victoriana 3rd Edition (retail $25): The complete, current 320-page rulebook. Includes the free adventure The Spring-Heeled Menace.
  • Marvels of Science and Steampunk (retail $18): The great technological wonders of the Victoriana world, and how to build more of them.
  • Darwin’s Catalogue – Beastmen of Britain (retail $5): Sordid and disreputable rules for playing characters of mixed human and animal ancestry.
  • Darwin’s Catalogue – The Outsiders (retail $5): Five playable nonhuman races, plus Corporeal Mediums who can perform incredible physical feats.

Customers who paid more than the threshold price also received our entire Gamemaster’s Collection with five more supplements (retail value $89):

  • Liber Magica (retail $18): More magical options and new challenges — rituals, alchemical physics, tattoo magic, bardism, Haemomancy, and the Consortium of Hermetic Guilds.
  • Streets of Shadow (retail $18): A complete six-part “shilling shocker” campaign involving proletariat unrest over the Crimean War and the Conscription Bill.
  • The Smoke (retail $15): A 187-page guide to London in the world of Victoriana.
  • The Havering Adventures (retail $15): Three introductory adventures and a family of ready-made player characters.
  • Jewel of the Empire (retail $20): Colonial India in the Victoriana setting.
  • The Devil in the Dark (retail $3): An introductory penny dreadful about weird goings-on in a Midlands coal mine.