Osprey Adventures takes a historian’s approach to fantasy

In August 2015 we presented an Osprey Adventures Bundle that erased the line between fact and fiction with a bargain-priced collection of gorgeous .PDF ebooks from Osprey Publishing. Osprey has become one of the world’s most successful niche publishers. Originally

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Bundle of the Ages +2 – alt- and fantasy-historical RPGs

Longtime Bundle of Holding customers may recall our August 2013 Bundle of the Ages, a small but choice collection of historical and historical-fantasy tabletop roleplaying games inspired by medieval and Renaissance Europe, the Napoleonic wars, colonial America, and ancient Greece. 

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Midgard Bundle – the Kobold Press FRPG setting

In July 2015 we presented our Midgard Bundle featuring the dark fantasy tabletop roleplaying setting inspired by traditional European legends and folklore, Midgard from Open Design and Kobold Press. Created by Chief Kobold Wolfgang Baur and many talented designers, Midgard

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