Indie Cornucopia +3 – all-new top-quality small-press RPGs

In November 2015 we presented the Indie Cornucopia +3, the third annual installment in our Thankgsiving series of offers featuring recent top-shelf small-press tabletop RPGs. This time out we had fine games from such luminaries as Robin D. Laws (Feng

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Bundle of Fate +3 – new Fate-powered RPGs

In November 2015 we presented the Bundle of Fate +3, a new collection of tabletop roleplaying games that use the ever-popular Fate rules system. This third installment of our popular annual series was both (a) spectacular and (b) inexpensively priced

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The Esoterrorists

In November 2015 we presented The Esoterrorists Bundle, an all-new collection featuring The Esoterrorists tabletop roleplaying game by Robin D. Laws (Feng Shui, HeroQuest, Hillfolk) from Pelgrane Press. As an investigator for the benevolent secret conspiracy Ordo Veritatis, you defend

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