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King Arthur Pendragon – TWO offers

King Arthur Pendragon – TWO offers

Monday 19 June 2017
In June 2017 we presented two offers featuring Greg Stafford’s masterful game of glory and chivalry in Arthurian Britain, King Arthur Pendragon. First, we resurrected (for a second time) the original June 2014 King Arthur Pendragon Bundle, with the core rulebook upgraded to the new Edition 5.2. (And on that topic, see below for a nice announcement.) Joining the revival was an all-new companion in adventure, the Pendragon Bundle +2 — Estates and Uther.

King Arthur Pendragon Bundle [revived from June 2014]

Of over 19,200 games in the comprehensive Game Index, King Arthur Pendragon ranks #5. Pendragon is the crowning achievement of legendary designer Greg Stafford, founder of Chaosium and discoverer of Glorantha.

As a knight in the perilous and magical time of King Arthur, you adventure to gain Glory and, in time, to found a lineage of descendants. As the 85-year saga advances, you play your original character’s children and grandchildren in a spectacular multi-generation campaign — an experience without equal anywhere in roleplaying. Pendragon isn’t just about adventuring; it is a painstakingly researched, amazingly detailed game about the noble, passionate, and ultimately tragic Knights of the Round Table.

Pendragon: The Grey KnightOriginally presented in June 2014 and revived that December, this resurrected King Arthur Pendragon Bundle included everything you need for a campaign using one of the most honored and respected RPGs ever published. There were six titles in this offer’s Starter Collection (retail value $60): Pendragon Book of Battle 2nd ed.Those who paid more than this offer’s threshold price also got this offer’s complete Bonus Collection with four essential supplements worth an additional $72:
  • The Great Pendragon Campaign (retail $25): Greg Stafford’s multi-generation saga with over 100 adventures across 85 years, stretching from before Arthur is conceived to beyond his death.
  • Book of Battle Second Edition (retail $25): These rules for large-scale combat let your knight stride into battle and turn the tide for better — or worse.
  • Book of Armies (retail $20): All the armies in The Great Pendragon Campaign and many more, plus the battles important in the legends, such as Badon and Camlann.
  • Pendragon Gamemaster Characters (retail $2): Stats for all the important characters from The Great Pendragon Campaign and more.
As for the special announcement we mentioned: The two presentations of this King Arthur Pendragon Bundle in 2014 included the most current rulebook then offered, Edition 5.1. This new revival upgraded to the new Edition 5.2 released in 2016 — and through the generosity of publisher Nocturnal Media, all previous purchasers of this offer also received the new Edition 5.2 on their Wizard’s Cabinet download page.

Pendragon +2 — Estates and Uther [all-new]

This Estates and Uther companion collection included recent Fifth Edition Pendragon supplements that explore the earliest phase of the Arthurian saga — the wartorn reign of King Arthur’s father, Uther Pendragon.

The two titles in this offer’s Starter Collection (retail value $51) were Book of Uther (retail price $26), about Arthur’s father and his tumultuous history; and Book of the Estate (retail $25), about obtaining and managing a large household — a monument to your glorious achievements.

This offer’s Bonus Collection had three more titles worth an additional $52:
  • Book of the Warlord (retail $32): The definitive guide to noble life in the chaotic Early Phase of the 85-year Great Pendragon Campaign.
  • Book of the Entourage (retail $15): The 2015 revised edition about the companions and accoutrements of the knight’s lordly life.
  • Book of Records II: Battles (retail $5): Form-fillable, auto-calculating .PDF sheets for determining battle outcomes.
Ten percent of each payment (after gateway fees) went to these offers’ designated charity, the RPG Creators Relief Fund.

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