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Stewart Wieck 1968-2017

Friday 23 June 2017
Stewart WieckCondolences to the family of Stewart Wieck, founder of King Arthur Pendragon publisher Nocturnal Media, co-founder of White Wolf Game Studio, and original designer of Mage: The Ascension. Stewart died, age 49, Thursday night, 22 June, 2017. A true willworker in the adventure gaming hobby, Stewart fostered the careers of a generation of creators and helped originate or rescue a multitude of fine games. He was an early and generous supporter of the Bundle of Holding. Like others in the field, I’ll remember Stewart’s frequent kindnesses.

Longtime Mage: The Ascension line developer Phil Brucato reminisces: “Stewart Wieck: Awakening Our World.” Here is Designers and Dragons historian Shannon Appelcline’s obituary for Stewart Wieck.

Allen Varney, Bundle operator