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Colonial Gothic – the secret history of the Revolution

Colonial Gothic – the secret history of the Revolution

Monday 3 July 2017
In July 2017, to mark the US Independence Day holiday, we presented the Colonial Gothic Bundle, featuring the new Third Edition of the supernatural flintlock-horror tabletop roleplaying game Colonial Gothic from Rogue Games. Uncover the secret history of America’s 18th-Century frontier, where monsters stalk the woods and ghosts haunt every sleepy hollow.

Colonial Gothic uses the fast and cinematic “12 Degree System” (Thousand Suns and Shadow, Sword, and Spell), described on the Rogue Games website. Within its cinematic context the game supports a wide range of historical approaches, from plausible “High Action” (Last of the Mohicans, Dances With Wolves) to “Occult & Mystery” (Sleepy Hollow) to outright “Supernatural” (Brotherhood of the Wolf, Pirates of the Caribbean, Van Helsing).

This bargain-priced offer included almost the entire Colonial Gothic line — everything you need for a complete campaign of magic and mayhem in the shadows of early America. There were seven titles in our Starter Collection (retail value $40) as DRM-free .PDF ebooks, including the complete Colonial Gothic Third Edition rulebook (retail price $10), three essential supplements (Gamemaster, Adventure, and The Player Companion, total retail $21), and the 174-page Beginnings adventure (retail $8) that kicks off the massive Flames of Freedom campaign that will encompass the entire American Revolution. After launch we added The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (retail $1): Washington Irving’s classic 1839 story of a haunting in upstate New York, plus gaming notes adapting it to Colonial Gothic.

Those who paid more than the threshold (average) price also got our entire Bonus Collection with tenmore titles worth an additional $70:
  • Three sourcebooks: The Grimoire (retail $6), Gazetteer (retail $7), and Bestiary (retail $7).
  • Three setting books: Settings (retail $8), New France (retail $7 — previously presented in our August 2013 Bundle of the Ages), and The French & Indian War (retail $8).
  • Lovecraft (retail $7): Bring the Cthulhu Mythos onto the American frontier.
  • The Templars (retail $5 — also from our August 2013 Ages offer): Colonial Gothic‘s secret history of history’s most secretive bunch.
  • The Defeated Dead (retail $8): A ghost story of vengeful soldiers at the site of the US Army’s greatest defeat.
  • The Landlord’s Daughter (retail $7): Secret societies, pirates, betrayal, witchcraft, and a mysterious illness in Marblehead, Massachusetts.
(After we launched this offer, some customers pointed out we missed an opportunity by not setting the threshold price at $17.76. Argh!)

The entire Rogue Games share of this offer’s proceeds went to the charity selected by Colonial Gothic designer and Rogue Games owner Richard Iorio II, the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. “Over the weekend of June 12-14, 2015, I lost three friends in succession to suicide,” Richard writes. “The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention helps you understand why this event happened and, more important, they offer comfort. They cannot take away the pain, but they can help you deal with it.” Richard explained why he contributed this offer in a heartfelt post on this blog, “The Colonial Gothic Bundle and AFSP.”