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Ars Magica 5 (Aug 2014) & Wizards and Power (new)

Ars Magica 5 (Aug 2014) & Wizards and Power (new)

Tuesday 22 August 2017
In August 2017 we presented two offers featuring Ars Magica Fifth Edition, the landmark historical fantasy RPG from Atlas Games. First, our all-new ArM5 Wizards & Power offer conjured the Realms of Power supplements and several Tribunal sourcebooks. And we also revived, for an unprecedented third time, our original August 2014 Ars Magica 5 Bundle with the core rulebook and key supplements.

Designed by Jonathan Tweet (13th Age, Over the Edge) and Mark Rein-Hagen (the classic World of Darkness Storyteller line), Ars Magica, about the wizards of the mystical Order of Hermes in 13th-Century Mythic Europe, is one of the roleplaying field’s seminal designs. The 2011 Fifth Edition from Atlas Games is widely regarded as the best. We had revived the August 2014 ArM5 Bundle twice already, in May 2015 and again in February 2016 — the latter together with the all-new More Magic companion.

But Atlas has a whole Hermetic bookshelf of great supplements that continue to enchant us. If you haven’t yet visited Mythic Europe, this offer provided initiation into both classic and newer mysteries.

1. ArM5 Wizards & Power [all-new]

The Wizards & Power offer expands your Mythic Europe saga with the entire Realms of Power quartet and several Tribunal sourcebooks. There were three titles in this offer’s Starter Collection (retail value $45) as DRM-free .PDF ebooks, including the first Realms of Power book (Magic) and two Tribunals — Against the Dark (Transylvania) and The Sundered Eagle (Theban).

Those who paid more than this offer’s threshold (average) price also get this offer’s entire Bonus Collection with six more titles worth an additional $90, including Guardians of the Forests (about the Rhine Tribunal, first of them all) and the remaining three Realms of Power books: The Divine, The Infernal, and Faerie. After launch we added Faith & Flame, about the disunited mages of the Provençal Tribunal, and the unusual title The Fallen Fane (retail $5) –a freeform Ars Magica live-action roleplaying scenario for two dozen players, set in the Rhine Tribunal.

2. Ars Magica 5 Bundle [revived from August 2014]

Houses of Hermes: True Lineages (Ars Magica 5)The Ars Magica 5 Bundle included the Fifth Edition corebook and essential supplements. This offer’s Starter Collection had five DRM-free .PDF ebooks (total retail value $55):
  • Ars Magica Fifth Edition: The complete, current 240-page rulebook.
  • Covenants: The essential guide to help players improve the homes of their magi.
  • Houses of Hermes: True Lineages: A detailed treatise on four powerful Houses of the Order of Hermes.
  • Apprentices: Every great magus started as a callow youth.
  • The Living Covenant: Over two dozen free characters and setting files from the Atlas Games website, collected here in a handy 42-page booklet.
The Lion and the Lily (Ars Magica 5)This offer’s Bonus Collection added five more titles worth an additional $70:
  • Houses of Hermes: Mystery Cults and Societates: The second and third treatises on the Hermetic Houses.
  • The Lion and the Lily: The Normandy Tribunal sourcebook about the many active covenants in densely populated northern France.
  • The Broken Covenant of Calebais: The first-ever ArM adventure, originally written by Mark Rein-Hagen and Jonathan Tweet, updated for the current edition.
  • Tales of Mythic Europe: Nine short adventures that push your saga to the limits of Mythic Europe.

Ten percent of each payment (after gateway fees) goes to these offers’ designated charity, Doctors Without Borders.