Early Champions & Hero System – 2 big offers – through Mon 03 Dec

Through Monday, December 3 we proudly mark the debut in .PDF ebook format of the entire early line of roleplaying games published by Hero Games. One offer, Early Champions, features the first three editions of Champions, The Super Roleplaying Game,

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Early Champions & Hero System Bundles: FAQ

Our two big offers of the early Hero Games line, 1981-87 — Early Champions and Early Hero System — mark the debut in .PDF of over 50 historic roleplaying games, supplements, and adventures from Hero Games. Here’s some guidance in

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Bundle of Fate 4 – new Fate RPGs – through Mon 26 Nov

Through Monday, November 26 we present the Bundle of Fate 4, our all-new fourth offer of RPGs powered by the Fate rules system. Like the three previous installments (in September 2013, November 2014, and November 2015), this wide-ranging collection —

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