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World’s Largest Bundle – d20 System treasures

World’s Largest Bundle – d20 System treasures

Monday 13 May 2019
In May 2019 we presented what we called The World’s Largest Bundle, because it featured The World’s Largest Dungeon, World’s Largest City, and other monumental d20 System fantasy supplements from Alderac Entertainment. A peerless 900-page megadungeon published in 2006, The World’s Largest Dungeon has 1,600 encounters — a dungeon crawl that can entertain you for years. The City, with its quarter-million humans, dwarves, elves, humanoids, and (ahem) others, fits smoothly in most fantasy campaign worlds. And this offer added Alderac’s stunning Ultimate Toolbox, plus comprehensive d20 sourcebooks like War, Empire, Gods, Relics, Dungeons, and Dragons to give you over 4,000 pages of fantasy gaming material. The World’s Largest Bundle! Yeah!

Millennia ago, before the first dwarf was born to sculpt stone, the celestials built a great dungeon with mammoth walls, locks, doors, and traps — a dungeon larger than any ever known. Within it the celestials imprisoned hellish undead, demonic beasts, and fiendish monstrosities. The tomb stood inviolate for thousands of years, until an earthquake cracked its foundation. The derro arrived, and driders and drow, and more. Now every manner of creature lives in the pitch-dark rooms and caverns. Chasms of magma run throughout. The residents have carved the immense complex into fifteen territories. Exploring The World’s Largest Dungeon provides one of the best (and longest) experiences of a dungeon crawler’s gaming life.

And World’s Largest City, with its quarter-million humans, dwarves, elves, humanoids, and (ahem) others, fits smoothly in most fantasy campaign worlds. Its 700 pages present a vast multiracial, multicultural hodgepodge of wealth, culture, virtue, and villainy. This is the city your characters might never want to leave — or maybe they’ll just get lost in its labyrinthine alleys and sewers.

There were nine titles in our Starter Collection (retail value $72), including Ultimate Toolbox (previously in our November 2017 Worldbuilder’s Toolkit 5), the d20 sourcebooks Empire, War, Mercenaries, Gods, Magic, and Relics, and the scenario collections Adventure I and Adventure II.

Those who paid more than the threshold (average) price also got our entire Bonus Collection with four more titles worth an additional $75, including The World’s Largest Dungeon (retail price $40), World’s Largest City (retail $20), and a catchy pairing of two more d20 sourcebooks: Dungeons and Dragons.  

Ten percent of each payment (after gateway fees) went to this offer’s designated charity, the Electronic Frontier Foundation.