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Campaign Cartographer x2

Campaign Cartographer x2

Monday 23 December 2019
In December 2019 we presented two bundles featuring Campaign Cartographer 3+, the Windows mapping program from ProFantasy Software. We revived our spectacular April 2018 Campaign Cartographer Bundle — and its all-new companion, the City Designer Bundle, featured the City Designer 3 add-on that brings the power of CC3+ to city streets ancient, modern, and fantastic.  

[from April 2018]

Authors, game designers, and thousands of gamers have beautifully mapped the worlds of their imagination with Campaign Cartographer 3+. In minutes you can learn all you need to rapidly create beautiful maps for campaigns, games, and real-world applications, for private and commercial use. CC3+ gives you easy access to a huge range of mapping symbols, styles, and types, and fingertip control over every aspect of your map. Whether it’s roleplaying games or wargames — fantasy, modern, or SF — from entire worlds to floorplans and furniture — CC3+ can do it. Map your entire campaign world, place troops in the field, or chart your galactic empire. With CC3+ you draw exactly what you want and how. A huge, friendly community of like-minded designers can give help, ideas, and feedback. Hundreds of user websites display a huge variety of maps. Check out ProFantasy’s CC3+ map gallery.

This newly revived April 2018 Campaign Cartographer Bundle had the core CC3+ program, along with its Dungeon Designer 3 plug-in, the Tome of Ultimate Mapping tutorial guide, and over a dozen Style Packs, symbol sets, and map collections. This revived offer’s Core Collection (retail value $65) included the complete, DRM-free Campaign Cartographer 3+ core program (retail price $45) and the Tome of Ultimate Mapping (retail $20), a 710-page guide with more than 150MB of support files like example maps, symbol catalogs, tutorial files, and templates.

Those who paid more than this offer’s threshold (average) price also got this offer’s entire Bonus Collection with fourteen more titles worth an additional $136, including the Dungeon Designer 3 plug-in (retail $40); two sets of Battle Maps (4E Battle Maps and Deluxe Battle Maps Tutorial Pack); and 11 Style Packs originally released as installments in ProFantasy’s Cartographer’s Annual monthly subscription series: Tendril’s Oak Inn, Dwarven Dungeons, Black & White Dungeons, OSR Dungeons, Horror House, Par Lindstrom’s B&W Dungeon, Naomi VanDoren’s Floorplans, Jon Roberts’ Dungeons, Dungeons, Munson’s Mines, and Lighted Dungeons.  

2. CITY DESIGNER [all-new]

Expand and urbanize your campaign world with City Designer and many maps, floorplans, and style packs that lend a cosmopolitan touch to CC3+. (These add-ons require the core CC3+ program.)

There were six titles in this offer’s Starter Collection (retail value $77), including the City Designer 3 expansion (retail price $40); Symbol Set 2 – Fantasy Floorplans (retail $25); and four introductory Style Packs from ProFantasy’s Cartographer’s Annual subscription plan: the City Designer 3 Example City, City Roofs and Frills, Alyssa Faden’s City Streets, and City Panoramas.

This offer’s Bonus Collection added twelve more titles worth an additional $110, including Source Maps: Cities! and Source Maps: Castles! (retail $40 apiece) and ten more Style Pack installments from the Cartographer’s Annual series: Fantasy City, Ruins, Random Cities, Black & White Cities, Black & White Towns, Jon Roberts Cities, John Speed City, Isometric Cities, 1930s Street Maps, and Cthulhu City.  

Ten percent of each payment for these two Campaign Cartographer offers (after payment gateway fees) was donated to their designated charity,