Mythras x2 – through Mon 09 Sept

Through Monday, September 9 we present two offers featuring Mythras, the d100-based FRPG (previously published as RuneQuest 6) by The Design Mechanism. We’ve revived and renamed our April 2018 Mythras Core Bundle, with the rulebook and early supplements, and added

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War on Everything! – sf board wargames through Mon 02 Sept

Warm up your printer: Through Monday, September 2 we present a War on Everything Bundle of print-and-play board wargames that let you battle on Earth and in space. These games are suitable for one or two players, are easy to

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Darkfast Dungeons & Save the Day – through Mon 26 Aug

Through Monday, August 26 we present the Darkfast Dungeons Bundle, featuring .PDFs of designer-artist David Okum‘s fast-playing dungeon-crawl boardgame Darkfast Dungeons, its compatible Save the Day superhero RPG, and tons of print-and-cut paper miniatures from Okumarts Games. Darkfast Dungeons provides

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