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Girl Genius

Girl Genius

Monday 5 October 2020
In October 2020 we presented the Girl Genius Bundle, a zeppelin-full of digital graphic albums and ebook novels featuring Studio Foglio’s Girl Genius, the “gaslamp fantasy” webcomic of adventure, romance, and mad science. In an alternate Europe in the throes of Industrial Revolution, the inventive scientists called Sparks develop new and interesting ways to smash each other’s castles. Agatha Heterodyne, a hapless student at Transylvania Polygnostic University, discovers her own Spark. As she obsessively pursues her monstrous heritage and birthright, all Europa watches carefully, for fear Agatha may become a monster herself.

Created by Phil and Kaja Foglio (What’s New With Phil & Dixie?, MythAdventures, and many more), Girl Genius debuted as a quarterly comic book in 2000, then became a successful thrice-weekly webcomic in 2005. The series has garnered a shelf of awards, a novel series, a Munchkin expansion, a Cheapass Games card game, licensed merchandise, a thriving Patreon campaign, and a just-ended Girl Genius computer game Kickstarter campaign. This new offer presented .PDFs of the first 13 graphic-novel volumes — the 1,814-page “Act 1” of Agatha Heterodyne’s story — plus other Studio Foglio treats like the two volumes of Phil Foglio’s crazed space opera Buck Godot: Zap Gun for Hire.

(Note: Like all Bundle of Holding offers, these titles are downloadable digital files, not physical albums.)

There were seven titles in our Starter Collection (retail value $73), including full-color .PDFs of the first three Girl Genius comics albums (collecting the first ten issues of the print comic); three Girl Genius novels by Phil and Kaja Foglio from Start Science Fiction (in ePub and Kindle formats); the 2001 Secret Blueprints comic that introduced the setting; and lots of fun freebies from the Studio Foglio website.

Those who paid more than the threshold (average) price also got our entire Bonus Collection with twelve more titles worth an additional $102, including no less than ten more graphic albums and both volumes of Buck Godot: Zap Gun for Hire.

Ten percent of each payment (after gateway fees) went to this offer’s designated charity, Feeding America. Feeding America is a US-based network of more than 200 food banks that feed more than 46 million people through food pantries, soup kitchens, shelters, and other community-based agencies.