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Crowdfunding by past Bundle contributors and others – Nov 2021

Crowdfunding by past Bundle contributors and others – Nov 2021

Tuesday 9 November 2021
Shotguns and Sorcery Fifth Edition sourcebook cover

The new cover for Matt Forbeck’s Shotguns & Sorcery campaign sourcebook for D&D 5E

  • Matt Forbeck’s Shotguns & Sorcery for 5E is hitting stretch goals, and our Shotguns & Sorcery Bundle has helped. Both the Kickstarter and the Bundle offer end next Tuesday!
  • No sooner did our Cthulhu Hack Bundle end last month than designer Paul Baldowski launched a Kickstarter for The Cthulhu Hack 2E, with expanded Archetypes, GM tools, more monsters, and a ready-to-play Dark Universe campaign framework.
  • Zedeck Siew (Lorn Song of the Bachelor) just launched the Kickstarter for his subterranean sandbox campaign Reach of the Roach God, the first full-length (200-300pp) adventure book for his system-neutral “Thousand Thousand Islands” setting inspired by Southeast Asia.
  • Hunters Entertainment (Kids on Bikes, Alice is Missing) has Exquisite Crime, “a surrealist detective storytelling game where Crime is an Art, and you are the artist.”
  • If you liked our Mongoose Traveller 2E Bundle in May, check Mongoose’s new Journal of the Travellers’ Aid Society II Kickstarter, funding a slipcased three-volume set that gathers “adventures, new ships, animals from across Charted Space, philosophical musings on the big empires, histories, different takes on familiar equipment and vehicles, brand-new vehicles, characters to be met in starports, playable alien races, and more.”
  • Newt Newport of D101 Games, who contributed our OpenQuest Bundle in March 2016, is funding the new Reboot the Future, a rules-light 23rd-Century cyberpunk RPG that uses Paul Mitchener’s Liminal system.
  • Legendary Games, prolific publisher of D&D Fifth Edition supplements and scenarios, contributed our Legendary Planet offer this past May. Now Legendary is raising funds for Mother of Monsters, the first installment of a large new saga based on Greek mythology.
  • 9th Level Games is best known for Kobolds Ate My Baby. Their new “nonbinary story game” Women are Werewolves is, uh, rather different.
  • You hardly need us to alert you to Monte Cook’s Planebreaker, a 5E campaign supplement about a cursed moon that hurtles through the multiverse.
  • Likewise, the big Mothership 1E Boxed Set campaign is racking up huge numbers and is certain to break seven figures.
Planebreaker by Monte Cook Games

Monte Cook’s Planebreaker, a 5E campaign supplement that lets characters of any level journey through the Outer Planes — sometimes involuntarily

A few notable campaigns from creators who are not (yet) Bundle contributors:
  • YouTube reviewer and Bundle friend Dave Thaumavore has Fluxfall Horizon, an Apocalypse Engine SFRPG inspired by “Sliders, Quantum Leap, and a bit of Stargate SG-1” about parallel Earths and the adventurous “lancers” who jump between them. “Whenever lancers fail to operate their Fluxtech equipment or otherwise mess up a jump, they cause damage to the Continuum. This results in an immediate fluxfall, or jump from their current parallel Earth to a new one. In practice, the world all around them changes in only one or two ways. But the way it changes can create drastic problems for the Team.”
  • Since 2015 Jonathan Kelly of 2CGaming has run a dozen Pathfinder and 5E supplement Kickstarters with steadily increasing success: the Epic Legacy and Total Party Kill series, GrymmWorld, Venture Maidens, and others. Rewards and Rarities is a 5E collection of unusual loot. “Find an entire chapter on god-granted gifts and blessings. Gain access to a fleet of magical and mundane vehicles. Grant your heroes political influence, lands, and titles.”
  • Designer Russell Rowlands is funding NewEdo, a colorful cyber-samurai science-fantasy game “designed for character customization and player agency, set in a neon-drenched world that nevertheless holds tightly to its past. NewEdo is built on a game system called C.L.E.M. – ‘crunchy-lite, easily managed.’ […] The capital city of the Empire, NewEdo is a place where a thousand years of tradition have come into conflict with the rapid pace of modern life. Samurai stroll the streets while tattooed bikers stir up trouble on tricked-out motorcycles. In one district, traditional wooden homes crowd narrow lanes that wind up and down hills, but only a short subway ride away 100-story skyscrapers pierce clouds awash in the city’s neon glow. NewEdo honors its past while looking to the future, and the characters you play will help define how that future is shaped.” There’s a free quickstart at Salty Games.
  • You may recall last month’s amazing success of the Herbalist’s Primer, which raised US$814,000. On her Double Proficiency blog, creator Anna Urbanek posted about the joys and challenges of this unexpected triumph.