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dicegeeks Random Tables

dicegeeks Random Tables

Wednesday 27 April 2022
In April 2022 we presented dicegeeks Random Tables, featuring The Great Book of Random Tables and other dicegeeks ebooks of tables, towns, and dungeons for FRPGs.

Longtime gamemaster Matt Davids runs a podcast (supported by a Patreon campaign), posts interviews with RPG creators, maintains a reference list of RPG System Reference Documents, and designed a post-apocalyptic game, Anarchy, based on the OpenD6 System. For several years Matt has busily populated entire books of percentile tables designed to spark creative ideas and help desperate gamemasters whose players suddenly decide to investigate some random name dropped in passing. Some of Matt’s books build inventively on tools like Watabou’s Medieval Fantasy City Generator and the designs of king-hell dungeon mapper Dyson Logos. This Quick Deal gathers many of Matt’s bestselling collections.

There were eight titles in our Geek Collection (retail value $50) as DRM-free .PDF ebooks, including The Great Book of Random Tables, 51 Dungeons, Dungeons for the Master 1 and 2, Fantasy Towns, and three Quests collections in the Random Tables series: Quests 1, Quests 2, and Quests 3.

(Note: We previously presented the first Dungeons for the Master volume in our November 2020 Worldbuilder’s Toolkit 7. The Great Book of Random Tables compiles four smaller Books of Random Tables that were in the November 2019 Toolkit 6. The total retail value of the remaining books in this lineup was $29.)