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What is Beyond the Bundle?

Beyond the Bundle is your source for the latest news and offerings from bundleofholding.com. See what’s happening on the Bundle news page, learn about new offers on our Bundle blog, or browse our collection of past offers (see below).

Wait, what’s the Bundle of Holding?

The Bundle of Holding presents time-limited collections of tabletop roleplaying games, or books by RPG designers, as DRM-free ebooks. Sometimes they’re all from the same series or same author, and sometimes they’re all based around a certain theme or genre.

We sell each offer for a limited time, usually a week or so. Pay the minimum price to get a “starter” collection” of ebooks, or pay more than the current threshold (average) price get our entire collection of bonus titles. And 10% of the proceeds is split evenly between two charities selected by the contributors. RPG lovers can save money, learn about new games, and do good at bundleofholding.com.