About the Bundle

The Bundle of Holding presents time-limited collections of tabletop roleplaying games, or books by RPG designers, as DRM-free ebooks. Since February 2013 the Bundle has presented hundreds of offers comprising thousands of titles from many of the roleplaying hobby’s leading designers and publishers, including Catalyst Game Labs, Onyx Path Publishing, Pelgrane Press, Cubicle 7 Entertainment, Pinnacle Entertainment, Atlas Games, Alderac Entertainment, Monte Cook Games, Hero Games, Arc Dream Publishing, Atomic Overmind, Kenzer & Company, and many more.

Each offer is on sale for a limited time, usually three weeks or so. Pay the minimum price to get the offer’s Starter Collection of ebooks; if you pay more than the offer’s current threshold (average) price, you also get an additional collection of bonus titles. And 10% of your payment (after gateway fees) goes to a charity selected by the contributors.

RPG lovers can save money, learn about new games, and do good at bundleofholding.com.