Bundle News

Tékumel – through Mon 01 July

Through Monday, July 1 we present the Tékumel Bundle, featuring the astonishing science fantasy campaign setting Tékumel created by Prof. M.A.R. Barker. In the roleplaying hobby, home to the Forgotten Realms, Hârn, Glorantha, Jorune, and other detailed settings (to say

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The Mutant Epoch – through Mon 24 June

Through Monday, June 24 we present The Mutant Epoch Bundle featuring the Outland Arts post-apocalyptic RPG of excavation teams in an age of rediscovery, William McAusland’s The Mutant Epoch. On the “How Gonzo is the Apocalypse?” spectrum from Twilight: 2000

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Fantasy Hero 4E/5E x2 – through Mon 17 June

Through Monday, June 17 we present two new offers featuring the Fantasy Hero lines for HERO System Fourth and Fifth Edition from Hero Games, 1990-2009. Start with our Fantasy Hero Classic Essentials, with the core 4E and 5E rulebooks and

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