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King Arthur Pendragon – TWO offers through Mon 10 July

Through Monday, July 10 we present two offers featuring Greg Stafford’s masterful game of glory and chivalry in Arthurian Britain, King Arthur Pendragon. First, we resurrect (for a second time) the original June 2014 King Arthur Pendragon Bundle, with the

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Cyberpunk 2020 – vintage 1990s futurism through Mon, July 3

Through Monday, July 3 our Cyberpunk 2020 Bundle brings you the 1993 Second Edition of Mike Pondsmith‘s vintage RPG of the dark future, Cyberpunk 2020 from R. Talsorian Games. This world of corporate assassins, heavy metal heroes, and brainburning cyberhackers is

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Anime Blast – RPGs inspired by anime & manga – through Mon 26 June

Through Monday, June 26 we present the all-new Anime Blast collection of roleplaying games inspired by Japanese anime and manga. Along with Kickstarter spectaculars like OVA and the fantastically inventive Tenra Bansho Zero, this collection brings you treasures ranging from

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