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East Texas U – Savage Worlds collegiate horror through Mon 15 May

Through Monday, May 15 we present the East Texas University Bundle, featuring the Savage Worlds campaign setting from Pinnacle Entertainment about modern-day academic horror in Pinebox, Texas. If you’ve already visited this haunted Big Thicket town created by the 12

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Rocket Age revived through Monday, May 8

Through Monday, April 18, we revive the April 2016 Rocket Age Bundle, featuring the radium-powered retro-SF interplanetary adventure RPG Rocket Age from Cubicle 7 Entertainment. In 1931 Einstein, Tesla, and Ray Armstrong rode the first rocket ship to Mars, where

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Champions 4E – ALL of it! – through Mon 01 May

Through Monday, May 1, for the first time anywhere, our two all-new bundles — Champions 4E Essentials and its companion, Champions 4E Universe — bring you the entire Champions Fourth Edition line (1989-2001) from Hero Games — 65 ebooks of superheroic action. Hero

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