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Mythras – rebranded RuneQuest fantasy adventure

Through Monday, May 7 we present the Mythras Bundle featuring Mythras, the acclaimed Design Mechanism version of one of the greatest fantasy RPGs ever published, the classic skill-based percentile system RuneQuest. Lawrence Whitaker and Pete Nash of The Design Mechanism

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Hero Kids – fast and fun roleplaying for kids 4-10 – through Tues 01 May

Through Tuesday, May 1 we present the Hero Kids Bundle featuring Hero Kids, the fast and fun introductory RPG perfect for younger kids ages 4-10. Published by Hero Forge Games and complete in just 50 pages, Hero Kids gives you male

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Feng Shui 2 – all-new kickass movie action – through Mon 23 April

Through Monday, April 23 we present the Feng Shui 2 Bundle, featuring the 2015 Second Edition of Hong Kong movie action RPG Feng Shui from Atlas Games. Designed by Robin D. Laws (Cthulhu Confidential, Hillfolk, GUMSHOE), Feng Shui 2 hits

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