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Traveller: The New Era – through Mon 05 March

Through Monday, March 5 we present the Traveller New Era Bundle featuring Traveller: The New Era, the 1992 SFRPG from Game Designers’ Workshop of collapse and revival in the galactic empire of Traveller. The Third Imperium provides the setting for

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Heroes Unlimited – through Mon 26 Feb

Through Monday, February 26 we present the Heroes Unlimited™ Bundle featuring Heroes Unlimited, Kevin Siembieda‘s RPG of superheroic action from Palladium Books. For over 30 years Heroes Unlimited has let you create any type of comic-book hero you can imagine,

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The Dark Eye FRPG – through Mon 19 Feb

Through Monday, February 19 we present The Dark Eye Bundle, featuring the English-language edition from Ulisses Spiele North America of the leading German RPG of heroic fantasy in the realm of Aventuria. The Dark Eye is Germany’s premier FRPG, in

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