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Shadow of the Demon Lord – through Mon 12 June

Through Monday, June 12 we present the Shadow of the Demon Lord Bundle, featuring Shadow of the Demon Lord, Robert J. Schwalb‘s dark fantasy RPG of grim heroism against a cosmic destroyer. In this fast-playing, low-prep March 2015 Kickstarter triumph,

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Fading Suns +2 – return to the sixth millennium through Mon, June 5

Through Monday, June 5 we present the Fading Suns Bundle +2, our all-new sequel to our January 2017 offer featuring Fading Suns, Holistic Design‘s SFRPG of a darkening stellar empire. With this sequel we fix an error. We thought our

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13th Age Bundle (Dec 2015) resurrected through Mon 29 May

Through Monday, May 29 we revive our hugely popular December 2015 13th Age Bundle, featuring the bestselling tabletop fantasy roleplaying game 13th Age from Pelgrane Press. 13th Age combines the best parts of traditional D20 fantasy RPGs with new story-focused

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