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Bundle of Lamentations +2 – through Mon 09 October

Through Monday, October 9 we present the Bundle of Lamentations +2, our second offer (a follow-up to the July 2016 original) featuring the gorgeously horrific weird fantasy RPG Lamentations of the Flame Princess: Weird Fantasy Role-Playing. With a heavy-metal attitude

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GURPS Traveller Wars + revived Essentials – through Mon 02 Oct

Through Monday, October 2 we present two offers — one revived, one all-new — featuring GURPS Traveller, the licensed version of Marc Miller’s classic science-fiction RPG Traveller adapted to the Generic Universal RolePlaying System from Steve Jackson Games. From July

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Apocalypse Engine +2 – through Mon 25 Sept

Through Monday, September 25 we present the Apocalypse Engine Bundle +2, an all-new second collection (a follow-up to our September 2015 offer) of great RPGs Powered by the Apocalypse — that is, based on Vincent Baker’s fantastically original 2010 RPG

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