Bundle News

Song of Ice and Fire – the game of thrones through Mon 06 May

Through Monday, May 6 we present the Song of Ice and Fire Bundle. With Season 8 of HBO’s Game of Thrones series just starting, this timely all-new offer presents A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying, the official RPG from

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Phase World – more Rifts action through Mon 29 April

Through Monday, April 29 we present the all-new Phase World Bundle featuring Phase World,® the standalone Rifts® sub-setting of high-spirited space opera adventure from Palladium Books. And we’ve also revived (for a second time) the July 2017 Rifts Essentials Bundle

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EABA universal roleplaying – through Mon 22 April

Through Monday, April 22 we present the EABA Bundle featuring EABA, the versatile Simulationist universal system by Greg Porter (Corps, TimeLords). With EABA‘s scaling rules you can build anything from a zipgun to a battleship, and run any conflict from

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