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Traveller20 – D20-based Traveller SFRPG adventure through Mon 10 April

Through Monday, April 10 we present the Traveller20 Bundle, featuring QuikLink Interactive’s D20 System adaptation of the classic Traveller science-fiction RPG. For decades Traveller designer Marc W. Miller has licensed many publishers to create new material and even new rules

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Changeling: The Lost – beautiful madness through Mon, April 3

Through Monday, April 3 we present the Changeling: The Lost Bundle, featuring White Wolf’s Storytelling game of otherworldly beauty and insanity in the Chronicles of Darkness. Changeling: The Lost was the fifth in White Wolf’s line of settings for its

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Into the ether Ubiquity-style with Space: 1889 – through Mon 27 March

Through Monday, March 27 we present the Space: 1889 Bundle, featuring the new 2014 Clockwork Publishing edition of the classic proto-steampunk space-fantasy RPG, Space: 1889. Originally published by GDW (1988), Space: 1889 sends your ether flyer to the swamps of

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