Bundle News

Icons x2 – through Mon 31 May

Through Monday, May 31 we present two offers featuring the fast-playing and flexible Icons Superpowered Roleplaying by Steve Kenson (designer of Mutants & Masterminds) from Ad Infinitum Adventures. Along with the revived June 2016 Icons Bundle, we present an all-new

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Legendary Planet (5E/Pathfinder) – through Mon 24 May

Through Monday, May 24 we present the Legendary Planet Bundle featuring the Legendary Planet Adventure Path, a spectacular eight-part sword-and-planet fantasy campaign from Legendary Games, provided here in dual versions for both D&D Fifth Edition and Pathfinder First Edition. Get both

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Dusk City Outlaws – through Mon 17 May

Through Monday, May 17 we present the Dusk City Outlaws Bundle featuring Dusk City Outlaws, the fantasy heist RPG from Scratchpad Publishing about criminal cartel capers in the sprawling metropolis of New Dunhaven. Inspired by books, TV shows, and movies

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