Bundle News

Index Card RPG – through Mon 22 March

Through Monday, March 22 we present the Index Card RPG Bundle featuring the fast-playing, modular DIY RPG toolset from Runehammer Games. Index Card RPG is a light but complete D20 roll-over rules system with simple character creation, fast-playing combat, and

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Hero System 6E x2 – through Mon 15 March

Through Monday, March 15 we present two giant offers featuring the 2009 Sixth Edition of the HERO System from Hero Games. The matchless flexibility of the HERO System lets you create any character, super power, spell, equipment, vehicle, or headquarters

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Old School Cool – through Mon 08 March

Through Monday, March 8 we present Old School Cool, a new offer with stylish takes on the Old School Revival spirit of roleplaying’s earliest days. This offer presents Ben Dutter’s Vagabonds of Dyfed and Dortoka, Hypertellurians from Mottokrosh Machinations, Diogo

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