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Mekton – anime-mecha action

In July 2019 we presented the Mekton Bundle, featuring the 1994 Zeta edition of Mekton, the high-action mecha-anime giant-robot RPG by Mike Pondsmith (Cyberpunk, Castle Falkenstein) from R. Talsorian Games. Mekton conjures worlds of Macross-style high adventure and Gundam-like mechanized

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Anime Blast – RPGs inspired by anime & manga

In June 2017 we presented the all-new Anime Blast collection of roleplaying games inspired by Japanese anime and manga. Along with Kickstarter spectaculars like OVA and the fantastically inventive Tenra Bansho Zero, this collection brought treasures ranging from the recent

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Super Asian Blast – anime-manga-folklore RPGs resurrected

In September 2015 we revived our December 2013 Super Asian Blast collection of tabletop RPGs from Japan and Korea, or from talented designers who love Asian culture. These .PDF rulebooks present games based on manga, anime, or Asian mythology. A

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