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Demon: The Descent – techgnostic espionage

In October 2017 we kicked off our annual “October Horrors” sequence of horror and suspense RPG offers with the Demon: The Descent Bundle, a comprehensive collection featuring Demon: The Descent, the 2014 Storytelling game from Onyx Path Publishing of techgnostic

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The beautiful madness of Changeling: The Lost

In March 2017 we presented the Changeling: The Lost Bundle, featuring White Wolf’s Storytelling game of otherworldly beauty and insanity in the Chronicles of Darkness. Changeling: The Lost was the fifth in White Wolf’s line of settings for its rebooted

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Hunter: The Vigil – Chronicles of Darkness monster-hunting

In January 2017 we presented the Hunter: The Vigil Bundle, featuring White Wolf’s Storytelling game from the Chronicles of Darkness, Hunter: The Vigil. Fans of Supernatural, Sleepy Hollow, and other monster-hunting tales can rejoice: No longer need ordinary humans be swept

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