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Dusk City Outlaws

In April 2021 we presented the Dusk City Outlaws Bundle featuring Dusk City Outlaws, the fantasy heist RPG from Scratchpad Publishing about criminal cartel capers in the sprawling metropolis of New Dunhaven. Inspired by books, TV shows, and movies like

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Nest of Spies — spy-espionage RPGs

In January 2016 we uncovered the Nest of Spies, a highly classified new collection of modern-day spy and espionage RPGs. From cat-and-mouse Le Carre intrigue in Cold War Berlin to high-tech clandestine raids to Bond-style superspy action — and even

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Deadly Games – crime and noir indie RPGs

In June 2015 our Deadly Games Bundle presented hardboiled collection of indie tabletop roleplaying games inspired by crime stories and film noir. They’re all about tough crooks and the tougher people who hunt them. Our Starter Collection included four titles

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