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Shadowrun 5E – TWO offers

In February 2019 we presented two all-new offers featuring the 2013 Fifth Edition of Shadowrun, the classic cyberpunk-fantasy RPG from Catalyst Game Labs. First, Shadowrun 5E Essentials had the core rulebook and supplements for cyberware, magic, the Matrix, and riggers.

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Cyberpunk x2 – TWO big offers

In December 2018 we presented two offers featuring Mike Pondsmith‘s vintage SFRPG of the dark future, Cyberpunk from R. Talsorian Games. First, the ripperdocs heroically revived the spectacularly successful June 2017 Cyberpunk 2020 Bundle, with the 1993 core C2020 rulebook and

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Cyberpunk 2020 – vintage 1990s futurism

In June 2017 we presented the Cyberpunk 2020 Bundle, featuring the 1993 Second Edition of Mike Pondsmith‘s vintage RPG of the dark future, Cyberpunk 2020 from R. Talsorian Games. This world of corporate assassins, heavy metal heroes, and brainburning cyberhackers is packed

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