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Numenera Discovery – NEW through Mon 27 Sept

Through Monday, September 27 we present the NEW Numenera Discovery Bundle, featuring the 2018 update and expansion of Numenera, the Monte Cook Games RPG of discovery and destiny in the Ninth World a billion years away. Though we’ve presented the

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The Strange (Oct 2015) & Cypher System (new)

In December 2017 we presented two offers from longtime Bundle supporter Monte Cook Games, publisher of Numenera. First, we got strange once again with the resurrected October 2015 Strange Bundle. And we also presented its all-new companion offer, the Cypher System

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The Strange- recursion-spanning roleplaying from Monte Cook

In October 2015 we presented The Strange Bundle, featuring Bruce R. Cordell’s Cypher System RPG The Strange from Monte Cook Games, publisher of Numenera. Beneath our universe lies a network of dark energy, a swirling Chaosphere called the Strange. The

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