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Jovian Chronicles – Solar Nations action in the 23rd Century

In March 2018 we presented the Jovian Chronicles Bundle, featuring the 1997 Second Edition of the  Jovian Chronicles SFRPG from Dream Pod 9. In the 23rd Century the Solar System trembles on the brink of war. Earth’s militaristic CEGA forces are

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Heavy Gear – 62nd-Century mech action

In April 2017 we presented the Heavy Gear Bundle, featuring the Dream Pod 9 RPG of 62nd-Century mech warfare and cataclysmic change on the world of Terra Nova. Heavy Gear is DP9’s flagship game. Starting as a tactical miniatures wargame

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Tribe 8 Bundle – post-apocalyptic fantasy from Dream Pod 9

In August 2016 we presented the Tribe 8 Bundle featuring Dream Pod 9’s post-apocalyptic fantasy RPG of spirituality and horror in a world gone terribly wrong. Montreal-based Dream Pod 9 built its early reputation with Heavy Gear, Jovian Chronicles, and

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