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The Dracula Dossier

In December 2017 we presented the Dracula Dossier Bundle. Written by star designers Kenneth Hite (Trail of Cthulhu, GURPS Horror) and Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan (Mongoose Traveller, The Laundry RPG, PARANOIA), The Dracula Dossier is an epic improvised horror-espionage campaign for Night’s

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Nest of Spies — spy-espionage RPGs

In January 2016 we uncovered the Nest of Spies, a highly classified new collection of modern-day spy and espionage RPGs. From cat-and-mouse Le Carre intrigue in Cold War Berlin to high-tech clandestine raids to Bond-style superspy action — and even

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Millennium’s End – ’90s technothriller paramilitary action

In July 2015 we presented the Millennium’s End Bundle, featuring the 1993 technothriller tabletop roleplaying game of paramilitary adventure. In Millennium’s End from Chameleon Eclectic Entertainment, private contractors track terrorists, guerrillas, and drug dealers amid the global social collapse of

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