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Ars Magica 5E resurrected

In late May 2015 we revived our Ars Magica Fifth Edition Bundle from August 2014 featuring the Atlas Games RPG of medieval myth and magic, Ars Magica by Jonathan Tweet and Mark Rein-Hagen. This collection offered everything you need to

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Victoriana Bundle – steampunk fantasy

In May 2015 we presented the Victoriana Bundle, featuring the Cubicle 7 Entertainment RPG of high adventure in an alternate Victorian age of sorcery and steam. In Victoriana, Eldren magicians walk the streets with Dwarf engineers, and wyverns fly alongside

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The Dying Earth resurrected

In late March 2015 we resurrected our January 2014 Dying Earth Bundle featuring the Pelgrane Press official Dying Earth RPG line based on the world-famous Dying Earth stories by master fantasist Jack Vance. Vance’s Dying Earth stories portray our world

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