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Mythras – rebranded RuneQuest fantasy adventure

In April 2018 we presented the Mythras Bundle featuring Mythras, the acclaimed Design Mechanism version of one of the greatest fantasy RPGs ever published, the classic skill-based percentile system RuneQuest. Lawrence Whitaker and Pete Nash of The Design Mechanism originally

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Mongoose Legend – fantasy adventure based on RuneQuest

In June 2016 we presented the Mongoose Legend Bundle, an all-new collection of ebooks featuring Legend, the fantasy RPG based on RuneQuest. In 2006 Mongoose Publishing released a licensed edition of RuneQuest, and followed it in 2010 with a new edition

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OpenQuest Bundle – RPGs inspired by RUNEQUEST

In march 2016 we presented the OpenQuest Bundle, featuring the comprehensive OpenQuest OGL-licensed tabletop roleplaying rules system from D101 Games inspired by RuneQuest. OpenQuest‘s heritage actually traces back through Mongoose Publishing’s version of RuneQuest, published under the Open Gaming License.

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