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Mythras – rebranded RuneQuest fantasy adventure

Through Monday, May 7 we present the Mythras Bundle featuring Mythras, the acclaimed Design Mechanism version of one of the greatest fantasy RPGs ever published, the classic skill-based percentile system RuneQuest. Lawrence Whitaker and Pete Nash of The Design Mechanism

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Mongoose Legend – fantasy adventure based on RuneQuest

In June 2016 we presented the Mongoose Legend Bundle, an all-new collection of ebooks featuring Legend, the fantasy RPG based on RuneQuest. In 2006 Mongoose Publishing released a licensed edition of RuneQuest, and followed it in 2010 with a new edition

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OpenQuest Bundle – RPGs inspired by RUNEQUEST

In march 2016 we presented the OpenQuest Bundle, featuring the comprehensive OpenQuest OGL-licensed tabletop roleplaying rules system from D101 Games inspired by RuneQuest. OpenQuest‘s heritage actually traces back through Mongoose Publishing’s version of RuneQuest, published under the Open Gaming License.

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