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In January 2016 we presented TWO separate offers, running in parallel, featuring the Fifth Edition of Champions, the Super Roleplaying Game from Hero Games. CHAMPIONS #1 – FIFTH EDITION (revived!) The first of our two offers was a revival of

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Champions Universe – our third superheroic collection

In April 2015 our Champions Universe Bundle presented a super-sized collection of four-color campaign books from Hero Games, plus the gigantic Hero System 5th Revised Edition (“FRED”) RPG. This, our third Hero offer, duplicated only three books from past collections.

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One-Roll Engine Bundle rolls again

In early January 2015 we revived our August 2014 One-Roll Engine Bundle featuring a startlingly diverse range of superheroic tabletop roleplaying games and campaign settings that use the slick One-Roll Engine by Dennis (Delta Green) Detwiller and Greg (Unknown Armies)

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