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Monday 8 December 2014

In December 2014 we presented our Dungeon World Bundle, featuring the bestselling Apocalypse Engine fantasy RPG from Sage Kobold Productions, plus many third-party supplements. Transplanting Vincent Baker’s Apocalypse World to fantasy, Dungeon World brings indie ideas to traditional dungeon crawls. Because it’s published under an open license, many indie designers have published their own DW supplements. This offer brings you some of their best.

Our starter collection included DRM-free .PDF ebooks of five titles (retail value $31):

  • Dungeon World (retail $10): The complete 450-page Apocalypse Engine fantasy game that can transform your FRPG gaming.
  • A trilogy of introductory DW adventures by Johnstone Metzger of Red Box Vancouver (retail $7 each): DW1 Lair of the Unknown, DW2 Island of Fire Mountain, and DW3 Ghostwood Haunts.
  • Truncheon World (free): Johnstone Metzger’s condensed introduction to the DW rules.

Those who paid more than the threshold price (starting at $14.95) got our entire collection of five bonus titles (retail value $46):

  • Class Warfare ($16): A massive new toolbox that lets you create awesome Dungeon World characters.
  • Terrors of the Ancient World ($15): Over a dozen new monsters with hooks, moves, and fronts, all in full color.
  • Adventures on Dungeon Planet ($7): Takes Dungeon World into science fantasy, with aliens, robots, spaceships, gadgets, monsters, and worlds to explore.
  • Funnel World and Servants of the Cinder Queen ($8.50): Adventures for zero-level DW characters, and an expedition into a volcanic catacombs.

If you bought these titles separately, they’d cost you $77! Ten percent of each payment was split evenly between the two international charities selected by Johnstone Metzger of Red Box Vancouver: CancerCare and the Friends of Herculaneum Society.