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Mutants and Masterminds 2E

Mutants and Masterminds 2E

Friday 12 December 2014

In December 2014 we presented a new collection of Mutants & Masterminds 2nd Edition from Green Ronin  Publishing. In April 2014 we presented, with great success, the  current (2011) Third Edition. But the second edition (2002) still has  many fans and a terrific support line — and this Second offer, by far  the richest in Bundle of Holding history, presented a LOT of that line.

Our starter collection included DRM-free .PDF ebooks of five  titles (retail value $89):

  • Mutants & Masterminds 2E (retail $20): From 2002, the complete  Mutants & Masterminds 2nd Edition rules — character creation with  dozens of templates, villains, and an introduction to the Freedom City  setting.
  • Beginner’s Guide (retail $4): A 32-page quickstart introduction to  Mutants & Masterminds, with simplified character creation and a solo  adventure.
  • Character Record Folio (retail $6): This thorough 16-page character  sheet tracks your hero throughout the campaign.
  • Freedom City (retail $20): This impressive sourcebook recounts the  official M&M 2nd Edition setting in stunning detail, and gives an  overview of the world’s most fantastic reaches and even far-off space.
  • Instant Superheroes (retail $15): Archetypes that can be easily  customized for players or used as NPCs.

Those who paid more than the threshold price(starting at $21.95) got these TEN bonus supplements (retail value $92):

  • Agents of Freedom (retail $13): How to run “agent-level” campaigns, where heroic normals keep the home front safe when the Freedom League’s not around.
  • Book of Magic (retail $8): Discover the secret magical side of Freedom City and add four-color magic to your campaign with these Archetypes, NPCs, magical styles.
  • Freedom’s Most Wanted (retail $14): Cabals of crooks, criminals, and conquerors who confound the cops and creatively confront your courageous characters!
  • Golden Age, Silver Age, and Iron Age (retail #13 apiece): Everything you need to run a campaign starring the first generation of superheroes in the bygone era of the 1930s and ’40s; in the over-the-top four-color era, 1954-72; or on the grim and gritty streets of the ’80s and beyond.
  • Hero High (retail $8): Every hero starts somewhere. At Claremont Academy, superhuman teens learn to spread their wings, or equivalent appendages.
  • Mastermind’s Manual (retail $16): Excellent advice for the GM, plus countless tweaks, modifications, and house rules that can precisely tune your game.
  • Time of Vengeance (retail $8): It’s dark times in this 64-page adventure as mysterious new nemeses unleash terrible plagues on Freedom City.
  • Ultimate Power (retail $10): Analyzes the Mutants & Masterminds Powers system so you can create your own powers. The must-have supplement for any M&M campaign.

That’s $181 worth of books! And ten percent of each payment was split evenly between the two charities picked by Green Ronin  CEO Chris Pramas: the Center for Justice and Accountability and the  House Rabbit Society. (This was the first Bundle offer ever to support  a rabbit-related charity. Yes, we were amazed too.)