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Could YOU Survive the Razor Coast?

Could YOU Survive the Razor Coast?

Thursday 18 December 2014

In December 2014 we presented an all-new offer featuring Razor Coast, a complete tropical pirate-fantasy setting for Pathfinder from Frog God Games. This new collection gives you everything you need to run your own campaign of dark heroic swashbuckling and terror in the Age of Sail. Our Player’s Collection (retail value $32) included the three books everyone at your table will want — rules for character creation and ship-to-ship combat, plus setting information everyone should know:

  • Freebooter’s Guide (retail $10): Setting info and character creation guidelines especially for the player.
  • Fire as She Bears (retail $10): Naval combat like you’ve never seen it before. Every player, every round, can participate in ship-to-ship fights. Also, design your own ships!
  • Dead Man’s Chest (retail $12): New rules, feats, magical items, and more, specifically for seafaring campaigns.

Those who paid more than the threshold price (starting at $19.95) unlocked the Gamemaster’s Collection, which contains everything you need to run the game (retail value $65):

  • Razor Coast (retail $40): The complete 556-page campaign setting guide.
  • Heart of the Razor (retail $20): Four adventures that can be run as one-shots or as side-stories.
  • Map Folio (retail $5): Over two dozen maps of vital Razor Coast locations, including deck maps and multiple views of Port Shaw.