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Traveller LBBs – the classic SFRPG rulebooks

Traveller LBBs – the classic SFRPG rulebooks

Friday 26 June 2015

The original Traveller science fiction RPG rulebooks in the Bundle of HoldingIn June 2015 we brought you the Traveller LBBs Bundle, a bargain-priced collection presenting the classic science fiction tabletop roleplaying game in its pure original form: the “Little Black Books,” famous half-size manuals with elegant black cover designs.

Traveller needs no introduction. This collection, our third offer of vintage rulebooks from the 1970s and ’80s, duplicated only three titles from our February 2014 Classic Traveller collection, and none from the Starter Traveller offer in August 2014. As with both previous collections, all the titles here were provided by Traveller designer Marc W. Miller, whose Far Future Enterprises, as the successor to Game Designers’ Workshop (Traveller‘s original publisher), sells reprints of the RPG systems originally produced by GDW: not only Traveller, but also 2300 AD, Twilight: 2000, and Dark Conspiracy.

High Guard was a pivotal rules expansion for TravellerIn 1977 (revised 1981), the first three densely packed LBBs launched hundreds of thousands of spacefaring campaigns across the star-spanning Imperium. Five rules expansions and a trove of supplements and adventures all sported the familar black design. In this bundle we present all eight rulebooks and half a dozen supplements. You can have them in any color you want, as long as it’s black.

A Far Trader in the Spinward Marches wouldn’t sell you this huge collection for less than full retail price, US$65. Our Starter Collection with eight LBBs (retail value $31) included everything you need to start your own travels into Charted Space:

  • From 1977, the three original Traveller rules manuals (in their corrected 1981 editions): B01 Characters and Combat, B02 Starships, and B03 Worlds and Adventure
  • Several early supplements, including S01 1001 Characters, S02 Animal Encounters, S12 Forms and Charts, and both Library Data volumes
  • Maps of the Imperium and the Spinward Marches sector
  • A “Traveller Orientation Pack” with current errata, the Understanding Traveller primer, and free guides to the various product lines

Three of these titles (the Library Data books and Forms and Charts), as well as the Orientation Pack, also appeared in our February 2014 Classic Traveller offer. These were this offer’s only duplicates from previous offers.

Traveller Supplement 5, Lightning Class Cruisers, is rarely seen nowadaysThose who paid more than the threshold price also got our entire Bonus Collection of nine more titles (retail value $38):

  • All the remaining LBB rulebooks from the early ’80s, including the indispensable B04 Mercenary and B05 High Guard (the 1980 edition), plus B06 Scouts, B07 Merchant Prince, and B08 Robots
  • S09 Fighting Ships and S13 Veterans
  • The rarely seen S05 Lightning Class Cruisers, originally published as part of GDW’s Azhanti High Lightning board game
  • Trillion Credit Squadron (retail $4): Build giant starship fleets using the High Guard rules, then fight monumental space battles.
  • Expedition to Zhodane (retail $4): A dangerous journey into the heart of an enemy empire.
  • Nomads of the World-Ocean (retail $4): Adventure A09 takes you to the waterworld Bellerophon, where the Seaharvester Corporation is hunting the colossal daghadasi to extinction.