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Millennium’s End – ’90s technothriller paramilitary action

Millennium’s End – ’90s technothriller paramilitary action

Tuesday 30 June 2015

Millennium's End 2nd Edition is the centerpiece of our paramilitary technothriller RPG bundleIn July 2015 we presented the Millennium’s End Bundle, featuring the 1993 technothriller tabletop roleplaying game of paramilitary adventure. In Millennium’s End from Chameleon Eclectic Entertainment, private contractors track terrorists, guerrillas, and drug dealers amid the global social collapse of (what has become) an alternate 1999. It’s a great system for tense, deadly scenarios inspired by Tom Clancy, La Femme Nikita, and even the original Mad Max.

A neglected gem from the 1990s, Millennium’s End presents one of the most detailed (and lethal) combat systems ever published. Its hard data on combat tactics and terrorist groups remains unsurpassed, and essential for any modern-day military RPG. Designer Charles Ryan later supervised the D20 Modern line at Wizards of the Coast. Grab your mirrorshades and your ammo bandoliers, rev the Hum-Vee, and make your mark in the bush wars of dark, gritty 1999.

Ultramodern Firearms is one of the most impressive equipment books for any roleplaying gameOur Operative’s Collection included three titles (retail value $45) as DRM-free .PDF ebooks:

  • Millennium’s End v2.0 (retail $17): The 1993 edition of the technothriller RPG about BlackEagle mercenaries in the gritty post-Cold War world of 1999. [Uses plastic overlay sheets, not included in this offer. Directions included for printing your own overlay sheets.]
  • BlackEagle Operative’s Kit v2.0 (retail $12): Real-world techniques for investigation, security, surveillance, and tactical operations — a top-notch reference for any modern RPG.
  • Ultramodern Firearms (retail $16): One of the most impressive equipment resources for modern games ever published.

The GMs Companion for Millennium's End has some of the best gamemastering advice ever publishedCustomers who paid more than the threshold price also received our entire Gamemaster’s Collection with five more supplements (retail value $64):

  • GMs Companion (retail $12): Organizations, assignments, NPCs, maps, names, and 22 pages of breathtakingly good gamemastering advice.
  • Terror/Counterterror (retail $12): A well-researched compendium of world terrorist organizations and counterterrorist agencies — almost all still (unfortunately) current.
  • Vehicle Sourcebook (retail $16): Over 150 modern vehicles for land, sea, and air transport. Still a great reference for any modern-day RPG.
  • Miami Sourcebook (retail $12): Don your pastel suit and drive your Testarossa through this city of vice.
  • NEW! The Medellín Agent (retail $12): A sourcebook for the bloody drug war tearing apart 1999 Colombia.

On the gritty pastel streets of Miami this offer would fetch a retail price of $109!