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Tuesday 26 January 2016
In January 2016 we presented TWO separate offers, running in parallel, featuring the Fifth Edition of Champions, the Super Roleplaying Game from Hero Games.


Champions5EThe first of our two offers was a revival of our September 2014 Champions Fifth Edition Bundle, a giant collection featuring the complete FRED rulebook, Sidekick, and a thorough assortment of supplements that give you everything you need to start your own Champions Universe campaign.

HeroSystem5E-FifthEditionRevisedThe great Starter Collection (retail value $60) presented five DRM-free .PDF ebooks, including the unmatchably comprehensive 569-page HERO System Fifth Revised Edition rulebook (retail price $17); HERO System Sidekick (retail $7) — a great way to learn the system; the Champions Fifth Edition genre sourcebook, written by the late Aaron Allston; the Champions Universe setting book for Fifth Edition (retail $9); and the HERO System Resource Kit (retail $5).

(Longtime customers may note the Champions Fifth Edition sourcebook was newly added in this revival. If you purchased this offer during its original September 2014 run, you’ll find this sourcebook in your Wizard’s Cabinet on the Bundle of Holding site.)

Champions5E-VIPER-CoilsOfTheSerpentThose who paid more than the threshold price levelled up (or, shall we say, gain experience!) and also got this offer’s entire Bonus Collection of nine more supplements (retail value $65):
  • Conquerors, Killers, and Crooks (retail $9): Nearly 100 ready-made supervillains and villain teams.
  • VIPER: Coils of the Serpent (retail $9): The hands-down best treatment of the original Champions villain organization.
  • Millennium City (retail $11): An ideal campaign city, a glittering high-tech metropolis built on the ruins of Detroit.
  • Champions Battlegrounds (retail $9): Five scenarios (with reusable maps!) set in a park, construction site, carnival, and other often-seen fight sites.
  • Everyman (retail $9): A terrific collection of normal non-powered NPCs to flesh out your campaign.
  • Stronghold (retail $11): The Fifth Edition update of the original Champions super-prison and the villainous inmates just waiting to escape.
  • Millennium City University (retail $2), Stronghold Files Volume 1 (retail $2), and Tablets of Destiny (retail $3): Three small “Hero Plus” files with new characters, setting details, and an adventure.


Champions-UltimateBrickOur second Champions offer, running separately and in parallel with the first, was an all-new collection featuring the Ultimate books for Fifth Edition. These comprehensive character archetype books open new horizons in superhero campaigns, fantasy, science fiction, and every genre the HERO System covers — that is, all of them! The Ultimate Champions Starter Collection included DRM-free ebooks of four supplements (retail value $41):
  • The Ultimate Mentalist for Fifth Edition (retail price $11): The powers of the mind in comics, fantasy, horror, and more.
  • The Ultimate Energy Projector (retail $11): How to focus everything from heat vision to fireballs to Saturnian blasters.
  • The Ultimate Brick (retail $8.50): The big goons who throw tanker trucks.
  • The Ultimate Vehicle (retail $10.50): A spectacularly useful catalog of conveyances and all the important rules, including vehicles as characters.
Champions-UltimateMartialArtist-5eThe Ultimate Champions Bonus Collection (retail value $59) had five additional supplements:
  • The Ultimate Martial Artist for Fifth Edition (retail $16):A 195-page treatise of every existing martial art plus rules for creating new ones.
  • The Ultimate Metamorph (retail $11): Shapeshifters and mutants in every genre.
  • The Ultimate Skill (retail $11): The authoritative 400-page treatment of Fifth Edition HERO System skills. Available in .PDF only in this offer and nowhere else.
  • The Ultimate Speedster (retail $9.50): Hit the Speed Zone to become the Fastest Hero Alive.
  • Hero System Vehicle Sourcebook for Fifth Edition (retail $10.50): Hundreds of example vehicles of every kind, all built using The Ultimate Vehicle.
Together these two Champions collections presented thousands of pages of material. These books can keep you busy for a decade or more.