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Fading Suns 2 – return to the sixth millennium

Fading Suns 2 – return to the sixth millennium

Monday 15 May 2017
Through Monday, June 5 we present the Fading Suns Bundle +2, an all-new sequel to our January 2017 offer featuring Fading Suns, Holistic Design‘s SFRPG of a darkening stellar empire. With this sequel we fixed an error. We thought our January offer presented the Fading Suns Revised Second Edition rulebook (2009) from RedBrick Limited; instead that offer mistakenly provided the Revised rulebook (2012) from FASA Games. Oops.

But don’t call the Inquisition — this all-new sequel really, truly presented RedBrick’s 2E Revised rules (this time we meant it), plus a galaxy of supplements with everything you need to guide humanity’s fate across the Known Worlds in the sixth millennium. In this new Dark Age, feudal lords vie for power with fanatic priests and scheming guilds. Nobles, priests, knights — starships, psychics, aliens — lost worlds and ancient artifacts — all these await you in Fading Suns.

There were five titles in our Starter Collection (retail value $67): the 2E Revised rules (retail price $20) and also the Fading Suns d20 rulebook (retail $12), the Players Companion (retail $12), and the equipment sourcebook Arcane Tech (retail $13). (The Players Companion is for First Edition, but has extensive material never reprinted in later editions.) After launch we added Lifeweb (retail $10), first in the two-book War in the Heavens sourcebook/adventure series.

Those who paid more than the threshold (average) price also got our entire Bonus Collection with eight more titles worth an additional $77:
  • Legions of the Empire (retail $10): The armies and navies of the sixth millennium, and the places where they battle.
  • Aliens & Deviltry (retail $10): Two classic supplements — Children of the Gods (about the Obun and Ukar alien races) and The Dark Between the Stars (supernatural entities and forces).
  • Two “Secret Societies” sourcebooks: Spies & Revolutionaries (retail $10) and Heretics & Outsiders (retail $9) — guides to shadowy groups across the Known Worlds.
  • Sinners & Saints (retail $8): A gallery of nonplayer characters from nobles and priests to pirates and pets.
  • Church Fiefs (retail $12): The worldbook devoted to the holdings of the Church of the Celestial Sun.
  • Vorox (retail $8): The shaggy ten-foot combat monsters of the Known Worlds, and the lethal homeworld that made them deadly.
  • War in the Heavens 2: Hegemony (retail $10): Sequel to Lifeweb (in this offer’s Starter Collection) — a trip into the long-blocked domain of the enigmatic Vau.
That’s a total retail value of US$144, a bargain price you could never get from a Scraver fence in the Bazaar on Pandemonium — and anyway, there some gang would jump you and sell you to the Chainers for a few firebirds. Ten percent of each payment (after gateway fees) was split evenly between the two charities designated by Fading Suns publisher Ulisses Spiele: Doctors Without Borders and Bärenherz, a local home for terminally ill children in Wiesbaden, Germany.