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Malifaux miniatures & Fat Dragon papercraft

Malifaux miniatures & Fat Dragon papercraft

Wednesday 31 May 2017
In May 2017 we presented two all-new collections for modelers and miniatures fans. The Fat Dragon Bundle +2, a follow-on to our successful August 2016 Fat Dragon Bundle, delivered more buildings, mines, and terrain to print, cut, fold, and glue. The Malifaux Bundle was a bargain-priced collection of all the miniatures rulebooks from Wyrd Miniatures.


The Fat Dragon Bundle +2 gathered giant numbers of papercraft terrain models for RPGs and 28mm miniatures games from Fat Dragon Games. Print, cut, fold, and glue these full-color, DRM-free layered .PDF sheets to assemble buildings, mines, ruins, shrines, and wilderness terrain. All you need are basic tools: a knife or sharp scissors, straightedge, glue, a cutting mat, and hairpins. Each set includes full-color instructions for beginners — you can download them free from the Fat Dragon website — and there are instructional videos on YouTube. The assembled models fold flat for easy storage.

There were five titles in our Starter Collection (retail value $65), including the complete Ravenfell Core Set (a seedy waterfront village, retail price $15), a steampunk Aerial Steam Carriage (retail $6), and three big terrain sets from the Wilderness Adventures series with woodland, highland, and swamp scenery (total retail $44).

Those who paid more than the threshold (average) price also got our entire Bonus Collection with seven more sets worth an additional $82.50:
  • Mines of the Mountain King (retail $15): A giant dwarven citadel with walls, ledges, stairs, stalagmites, mine tracks and carts, bridges, a waterfall, and giant mushrooms. Includes the Steam-Powered Mining Drill (retail $4).
  • Ravenfell Expansion 1 (retail $15): More buildings, city walls and gate (with portcullis!), props, and more.
  • Winterhawk Borderland Keep Deluxe (retail $15) and Winterhawk Outpost Ruins (retail $7): Frontier fortifications for any fantasy kingdom.
  • Dragonshire Cemetery (retail $9): A graveyard for fantasy or Victorian-era horror adventures, complete with mausoleum and sarcophagi.
  • The Sea Dragon Sailing Ship (retail $10): A medieval cog-style vessel detailed inside and out.
  • Winterhawk Watchtower (retail $7.50): A detailed defensive fortification (intact and ruined versions) with stackable interior levels.


Send your Crew of 32mm tabletop miniature models through the Breach to the other-dimensional Lovecraftian-Wild West-steampunk setting Malifaux from Wyrd Miniatures. The comprehensive Malifaux Bundle included all the miniatures rulebooks and sourcebooks for both the bestselling 1.5 Edition (2009) and the current “M2E” Second Edition (2013) as beautiful full-color, DRM-free .PDF ebooks. If you’re new to miniatures gaming, Malifaux is easy to learn, fast-playing, affordable, colorful, and utterly cool. And if you got our December 2016 offer featuring Wyrd’s Through the Breach RPG, you’ll love these lavish sourcebooks about the setting and its many dramatic characters.

Malifaux‘s glorious full-color rulebooks present a fast-playing, colorful (and brutal) narrative-oriented skirmish game for Wyrd’s line of 32mm models. Each figure in a player’s Crew, from the badass Master to each lowly Peon, is a unique character with a special ability. Scenarios involve flavorful narrative-based goals, and each side in the skirmish has its own unique “schemes.” As reviewer Eric Tonjes wrote on the blog Shut Up and Sit Down, “On some level, miniatures games should be invitations to fall in love with your little painted men and women. They have the potential to become the protagonists of your stories, to come alive in your hands. Sadly, though, the level of distinction most games give these characters is often ‘the girl who is slightly better at punching’ or ‘the guy with the bigger gun.’ Not so Malifaux — it gives every character, well, character. It makes them exactly the sort of vivid badass heroes you want to fall in love with.”

There were five rulebooks in our Starter Collection (retail value $56), including the current Malifaux Second Edition core rulebook (2013, retail $28), the 2009 1.5E corebook (retail $7), and three sourcebooks for Malifaux 1.5E: Rising Powers, Storm of Shadows, and Twisting Fates (retail $7 apiece).

Our Bonus Collection was worth an additional $84 with all three recent 2E supplements: Ripples of Fate, Shifting Loyalties, and Crossroads (retail $28 apiece). The entire collection presented over 2,000 pages of gorgeous source material, great for any tabletop miniatures or roleplaying campaign beyond the Breach.