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The Dark Eye FRPG

The Dark Eye FRPG

Tuesday 30 January 2018
In January 2018 we presented The Dark Eye Bundle, featuring the English-language edition from Ulisses Spiele North America of the leading German RPG of heroic fantasy in the realm of Aventuria. The Dark Eye is Germany’s premier FRPG, in continuous publication for more than 30 years. As a heroic adventurer on the island continent of Aventuria, you’ll rebuild the war-weary Middenrealm, marvel at the Lands of the Tulamydes, discover lost ruins in steaming jungle, or drive back the evil of the Shadowlands. Rescue innocent victims from cults of the Nameless One — navigate the intrigues at the Court of the Empress — or defend border cities from the Orc Storm.

(The Dark Eye derives its name from the most intriguing magical artifacts in Aventuria — the Dark Eyes. These rare and powerful magical items, constructed from raw meteoritic iron, let users view faraway places and glimpse scenes from the distant past.)

Ulisses funded new English translations of much of the Dark Eye product line in a spectacular May 2016 Kickstarter campaign. Tthis bargain-priced offer had everything you need to explore Aventuria, a rich and believable setting inspired by Europe’s medieval lore, forbidding landscapes, and fairytale castles.

There were five titles in our Player Collection (retail value $46.50): the complete full-color 418-page The Dark Eye core rulebook (retail price $20) (and the free Quickstart Rules), plus the Aventuria Almanac (retail $10), Aventuria Map Set (retail $10), and the Character Sheets Pack (retail $2.50). — and after launch we added The Dark Eye Figure Flats (retail $4), with dozens of full-color trifold print-and-cut miniatures of people, creatures, and monsters.

Those who paid more than the threshold (average) price also got our entire Game Master Collection with nine more titles worth an additional $57.50, including the Aventurian Bestiary (retail $10.50), the full-length introductory adventure Revelations From Heaven (retail $10) and three short Heroic Works scenarios (A Goblin More or Less, Kibakadabra, and The Molted Serpent, total retail $13.50), plus The Dark Eye Game Master Screen with its accompanying Inns & Taverns booklet (retail $10). After launch we added three more short Heroic Works scenarios (total retail $13.50) — The Thorwal Drum, Witch’s Dance, and Emperor of Thieves.

Ten percent of each payment (after gateway fees) was split evenly between the two charities designated by The Dark Eye publisher Ulisses Spiele: Doctors Without Borders and Bärenherz, a local home for terminally ill children in Wiesbaden, Germany.