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Old School Gold

Old School Gold

Monday 20 July 2020
In July 2020 we presented the Old School Gold Bundle of top-selling rulebooks, campaign settings, and scenarios that celebrate and build on the Old School Revival spirit of tabletop roleplaying’s earliest days. This all-new collection of standout OSR ebooks ranged from haunted deserts to the edge of known space, and included major recent releases like Mothership and the ENnie-nominated Trilemma Adventures Compendium.

There were four rulebooks and settings in our Starter Collection (retail value $37.50) as DRM-free .PDF ebooks, including the big 235-page Class Compendium from Barrel Rider Press with more than 50 alternate character classes; the science fiction RPG from Fire Ruby Designs of exploration in alien ruins beyond the frontier, Golgotha; Cinderheim (Dolorous Exhumation Press), a setting sourcebook of a demon-ridden desert wasteland; and Hydra Cooperative’s Malay-themed sandbox module about a hungry crocodile, Lorn Song of the Bachelor.

Those who paid more than the threshold (average) price¬†also got our entire Bonus Collection with eight more titles worth an additional $44.50, including three books in the new horror SFRPG series from Tuesday Knight Games, Mothership (the adventure modules Dead Planet and A Pound of Flesh plus the Mothership Player’s Survival Guide rulebook); the impressively illustrated Trilemma Adventures Compendium of 55 short scenarios; the grimdark standalone RPG of antiheroic mercenaries, For Coin & Blood from Gallant Knight Games; and three short supplements for Fire Ruby’s Golgotha (The Obsidian Garden, The War Hive, and New Player Character Classes).

Ten percent of each payment (after gateway fees) went to this offer’s pandemic-related charity, Heart to Heart International. Heart to Heart is delivering medical equipment to health care workers on the front lines in the Covid-19 pandemic.